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POEM: It Happened One Night … in Alabama

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By Monday, Oct 2, 2017 Viewpoints
Notes on a Prophetic Belgian Anime: Chien Méchant


Talk about surreal! Talk about prophetic! Unbelievable!

In the restored Belgian anime of 1995 – just released —

all the color in the face of the man walking a Doberman

drains from ruddy to chalk-white. Eyes bulge out of their

sockets on springs as the lunging spike-collared dog tugs

the leash out of the walker’s hand, bounds ahead, barking,

its bared teeth out there ahead of the head by a good half-

foot, snapping like store teeth and barking.


The dog-walker, his eyes snapped back into their sockets,

looks down at the hand that held the leash. It is smoking!

And the dog – whoa! — meanwhile, charges right into the

crowd of people awaiting the speaker. The crowd unzips

like the Red Sea back in the day – and the dog bounds up

onto the podium and gripping it with both paws, becomes

POTUS! The crowd goes bonkers. The breathless minder,

a dead ringer for H.R. McMaster — winces.


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