POEM: Huey and the bewilderment of dreams

Dedicated to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dedicated to Lake Charles, Louisiana.



Not to wallow in the ashes chained to a Phoenix.

A future reborn sings louder than words.


Not to sing in the distance of bayous reclaimed

Perhaps too much get to

Outweighs not enough given.



A chained mask crackles.

Past portraits swoon.


Yet these words get to sit here


Beside a king fisherman’s desk.


Huey P Long

No less.

And yes I get to take the tour.

And yes I get to wash my own hands with soap

In a clean sink.



Cicadas listen one Guthrie night

Alone and surrounded.



You who continually bombard a why to life.

You who question the resources of this life.


Please remember

Executed standards equal diddle de squat.





Beside this typewriter a mirage of accomplishments

Greater than anything this jester can image and achieve.


Nestled in visions energy

I sway to the bewilderment of dreams.



And in the gift to read

we live sleepless


our chorus




To bathe at a rivers edge

Raged in moonlight.


Armed in laughter

Yellow skies grows brighter tonight.





Red Stick



This punk on a mission consumes

A borrowed pen and paper.


Last Rites.






To know the weight of a bullet

Before ever pulling the trigger.


Pelicans protect bathed in our uncertainty.

Not a flag in sight we enter stunned.




To the promise bamboo is rehab.

To build a duck stand.


Freezing drizzle on our eyelids

a search for squirrel  rabbit


demented as these wild boars.




Fishin” till our fingers bleed.

Awake extinguished in Chicory.


On a Country Roads destination.

And 24/7 grits at Louie’s Café


An end game reward.

Finding a treasure of mushrooms

mid-December you say


to dance giddy all night

Bouncing with the Bayou on Chimes Street.




To swim in a dawn rippled in sunshine.

To hang wailed from a bridge there sails papa.


To beg borrow and steal to create the next line unwritten

No flags are in sight we laugh consumed


Comet  movement

Inside the bewilderment of dreams.






Confederate Jasmine umbrellas

Scent flies perfumed on dragon flies wing.


The eagles are eatin all me walnutz!

They are squirrels sir and local pecans.


I always pay the ferryman an extra dime, you fiend.

We double back in ice cubes.


To wave across this ocean of a river

Where ripples mimic bayous seem in the glow of whispers.


Mighty commerce communes with his or her

or better still unites in this journey, yall.


Sliced on a swampscape back drop

A visual exit to mankind brews.


To wish nothing less channeled

I smoke outside.


Stolen by memory

I can never remember your name.


Accepted to be merry at Passover

In this Past Times lunch break.


Accepted Catholic given Baptized

Swaddled in gypsy blood.


To work traffic cop duty at LSU

Loaded directing Mississippi

fly off their rockers.


To slip on a cold one

Laplace Store

Six am sharp.


To honor broken toes lost

Slicing this frozen cane

We harvest.


To fall from Grace

Backwards into heaven

History abounds.



And yes there is a song

Many in fact yet to be sung


And there is a song

Sung before


And yes there is a place

To heal time and space

And yes this song echoes

Preserve Louisiana