POEM: Heroes of the Senate!

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Heroes of the Senate!

When the President’s mind unraveled

for all the world to hear and see,

in tweets from Mar-o-Lago and Washington, D.C.,


a majority of Republican senators

played deaf and dumb and dumber,

and stuck to their tax-cut knitting


in the so-called upper Chamber,

as if nothing unusual was happening,

as if everything was hunky-dory


and the Donald was only pretending

when he said all those crazy things

that made him sound unhinged


and made alarms go off world-wide,

while the senators stuck to their knitting,

pretending that The Donald was fit,


even as his fickle mind unraveled

for all the world to hear and see,

in tweets from Mar-o-Lago and Washington, D.C.

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  1. Chris Thomas says:

    For all you lib detractors
    With so much negativity to say
    I have just one question…
    How’s your 401k?

  2. Charles Flynn says:

    There are no heroes in our Senate. Just a herd of politicians who do not appear to be capable of coming to the table and negotiating, nor do they appear to want to tell the truth. That, to me, seems to be more like cowardice and ignorance than any type of heroism. This goes for Democrats and Republicans alike. However, this poem (that is if you want to call it a poem) offers nothing constructive to the argument at all.

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