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POEM: Helicopters

So what is going to happen Feels beyond our control The great you s of a just won another Olympic gold medal.

Day One

This fleeting moment always steamy half suspended
Yes she says sipping a warm beer with a straw

We were always fighting and yelling obvious extremes
but did he have to go out last night and loose

Continue with your statement for the record please
helicopters are flooding out the stars the sky.


Day Three

Before five bullets claimed a murder
living beside this hospital felt somewhat comforting

Daze seem to have over extended themselves since
almost out of sight and never within reach

Mangled into digital lives and slogans
into worth and notice

Before five bullets claimed a murder
On the porch their propellers often made our hair curl

Their mechanical whirring sent invisible signals
Without the radio bleeping cosmic smiles

Kinda like how i sleep now
Propped up against a flat tire

Once their safe landing equaled a place
To rest and reassess the measurements of success

Before five angry bullets
Claimed a state capitol murder

What we take for granted often almost feels sacred

Living large on the bayous
Trenched deep in the one six.


Day Six

After the parade and funeral salutations
After a thousand uniformed bikes have been well polished and fed

This magnolia seems to be the last one weeping
This crepe myrtle blossom on my car perhaps a delicate gift of blood.


Day six times three

I admit without measure or judgement
for the past month I am tubing between

Rebel flags and daiquiris
Chemical plants and okra

This state of being follows me where ever i go
Into the shadows where live oaks bow

Fifteen hundred miles can seem like a ways
or a long shot before a safe exit

Before my toes and fingers are dipping
For another dance on bayou ridge road.


Day Break

And so what about today and care of a future
So what about the folks volunteering without pay

So what about the displaced
The fractured and unforgiving

The shirtless mothers
Swaddled in debt

So what about the thousands forced living in shelters
Or worse finally realizing hope is for suckers

So what about the guy trying to get back on his feet
and the countless businesses gone flat broke on a joke

So what about the priest who cares for his parish
and the cop on the beat who believes in helping a child

So what about neighbor and his three barking dogs
and the stray cat pissing along the fence

So what about this flood water riddled with scum
Belching out toxins we use to color our hair

So what about the farmers losing their crops
Or my mother in law who just wants to sip coffee and write

So what about this state you claim only fools can live in
Or worse is spawned by racist bigots

So what if it continues to rain for another week or so
this news can never sell a shiny BMW

So what is going to happen

Feels beyond our control


The great you s of a

just won another Olympic gold medal.



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