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POEM: Giving Thanks

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By Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017 Arts & Entertainment 3

Today, I want to express my gratitude

To all those assholes

Sorry! losers,

Who shed their human detritus

Along the roads I walk

And to their corporate sponsors

Dunkin’ with its Ecotainers,


Who apparently recycles

Only its buildings,

To tobacco killers,

To canners and bottlers

Of drinks, alcoholic and non,

And to preying lotteries

With their praying,

Scratch-off — throw-out tickets.

Thanks for giving my walks purpose —

Beyond the exercise my doc prescribes

And, in these troublesome times,

The calm of meditation,

Not to mention, license for open carry

Of those banned plastic bags,

Apart from dog and friends.


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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m constantly picking up my neighbors (and drive-bys) trash while walking my dog. I’ve often observed that the litterers and their choice of shopping/eateries are consistent with your list of offending trash!

  2. Juliette H. says:

    Thank you Jonathan for bringing attention to this problem and for picking up trash along the way. Keep walking and keep reflecting. Peace.

  3. Chris Blair says:

    Great meditation. It demonstrates another confirmation of the distracted living/driving our citizenry lives with, unable, or unwilling to consider the impact of flicking the butt, or flicking the empty nip, or flicking the empty bottle or can out the window.

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