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POEM: Get Over It, Kids!

By Monday, Jan 6, 2020 Arts & Entertainment

Get over it, kids. Chill. You know deep in your heart

that Donald John is right. Instead of skipping school

Fridays to protest whatever, go to a movie with a pal,

share a tub of popcorn, maybe try your luck in the dark,


if you know what I mean. And, hey, what’s so wrong

with the way things are? Consider the air and water,

both of which DJ tells us are cleaner than ever before.

And think of it: if planet Earth is, in fact, warming


faster than ever, as some say, what’s wrong with that?

Only kids like you who have never paid a heating bill

would object to a warmer winter. Time to get real!

Time to stop protesting because Where Will It Get You?


I’ll tell you where: the county jail. And who’ll have to

pay to get you out on bail? Your daddy. Good old dad.

Who will run out of patience one fine day and decide

to leave you in the clink until you’ve figured out that you,


and all you kids, would be better off if you just, like,

Fall in Line, Obey the Law, Keep Your Nose Clean, until,

having completed the molding process of public school

(pledging Allegiance and so on), you set out to seek


your place within the structure of a corporation, eager

to prove that you can outperform a cyborg, or a robot —

call it what you will. Starting humbly, Find Your Slot,

Improve Your Lot. Start out at the checkout counter,


the way Jeff Bezos did, then rising up until — guess who’s

the richest man on the planet? Bottom line: Don’t whine.

Wise up. Get real. Find your place in the assembly line.

Become accustomed to life as it is. Become one of us.

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