Poem: Friday Real Estate

A Berkshires real estate poem, not a Berkshires real estate listing.

(Listed in the town of Egremont, MA 01230)

There is a street in the town of Egremont
called Bow Wow Road, yes, hahahaha,
I wonder if it was named for all the dogs
that start howling at the full moon,
all the Bassets, Terriers, Pointers, Long hairs and Pekinese
gazing at the big ball in the sky hoping to catch it in their
mouths, yapping and yipping in the moonlight.

I’d love to live on this furry street with man’s best friend,
mush around on the rolling hills and lie down in the grass,
looking up at the Berkshire sky, even in the Covid days,
to run free with a sweet 2 bed house with Calico curtains,
plump pillows, a window over the kitchen sink,
pictures of dogs everywhere, even in the john, playing cards,
hitting a nine iron, killing in tennis,
even mean dogs like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, Boxers
with clipped tails like half smoked stogies,
dogs running the house jumping up for treats
and slipping on scatter rugs like the Dodgers running for home.

The House on Bow Wow Road is $2,500,000 –not hot dogs
but dollars. 5 beds/5.5 baths, with both formal and informal
common spaces + 5 fireplaces.
I imagined a house on Bow Wow Road would be approachable and
affordable, where Mr. Rogers is your neighbor and the postman
rings twice. A street for clerks, teachers and elevator operators,
not stock traders or computer geeks rolling in green, (the other kind).
I guess I’ll never live on Bow Wow Road, but boy, what a great
conversation starter.