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Rikke Borge
Deborah Golden Alecson reading her new book of poetry, 'Complicated Grief,' at Lauren Clark Fine Art in Great Barrington.

Poem: Your birth day

By Thursday, Dec 25, 2014 Arts & Entertainment

your birthday was once

a highlight in my life

so grateful was I

that you were born

that we met and wedded

then had a living son


but I word this wrong

it is still a highlight

though you are gone


your birthday

an anchor for my unmoored soul

an annual remembrance

that you were in this world

and I, a miracle

found you

and you, me

we recognized each other


in the midst of disorder

we saw what was

meant to be


what we did not foresee

was your untimely death

yet, we savored our years together


I have no regrets


December 2, 2014