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Michael de Adder

OVER THE EDGE: Trump plays through

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By Tuesday, Jul 2, 2019 Viewpoints 5

Cartoonist Michael de Adder was fired this week from a Canadian newspaper for above cartoon depicting an indifferent President Trump brandishing a golf club as he comes upon the bodies of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his daughter Angie Valeria, drowned last week in the Rio Grande River trying to reach the United States.

The Brunswick News is a owned by J.D. Irving ( d b a J.D. Irving, Ltd) whose conglomerate includes shipbuilding, oil, transportation, food processing.

J.D. Irving’s ownership of most major media outlets in New Brunswick has led to ongoing concern regarding control of the media. A report from the Canadian Senate in 2006 on media control in Canada singled out New Brunswick because of the Irving companies’ ownership of all English-language daily newspapers in the province, including the Telegraph-Journal. Senator Joan Fraser, author of the Senate report, stated, “We didn’t find anywhere else in the developed world a situation like the situation in New Brunswick.”

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Carl Stewart says:

    So now Wikipedia is a source for “news” from The Edge? Virtually all of this story is conjecture and rumor and almost none of it is based on confirmed facts. Take this as further evidence that “reporting” by The Edge must be taken cum grano salis

    1. Tom Warner says:

      The news report on this was even reported on the well respected CBC. While the newspaper group Irving-owned New Brunswick newspapers denies they fired him over the Trump Cartoon the conclusion that they did not is hard to ignore. This is just another attempt at freedom of the press and good for the Berkshire Edge for brining this to our attention. This dog whistle calling news “fake news” by the President and his supporters is an attack on our democracy and is felt beyond our borders as well. The lies being told over and over again to the sheep willing to follow will only stop when we vote this fake lying President out of office. Cum grano salis , no I don’t think so!
      NON NOBIS TANTUM NATI. Sincerely, Tom Warner

      1. Steve says:

        I hate Trump for drawing the red line in Syria, for promising the Newtown families he would do something about gun control, for telling me I could keep my own doctor, and for putting those kids in cages back in 2014, for failing to close Gitmo like he said he would, for using the NSA to spy on people. On top of that, I can’t stand Trump for weaponizing the IRS to go after U.S. citizens. Oh, sorry, that was another president.

    2. Maria Holt says:

      Both Tom Warner and Brian Tobin are totally correct: this story is NOT conjecture, and is a glaring example of an attempt to control the media.

  2. Brian Tobin says:

    This story is all fact and not conjecture as some would argue. The last sentence referencing Senator Joan Fraser’s comment about JD Irving, Ltd is the only item taken directly from Wikipedia. The Wikipedia entry for JD Irving provides a reference in footnote 4 to a CBC News article from 2007. A quick check of the article shows that is indeed what she said. Wikipedia can be a credible source of information as long as references are checked. The Edge is not perfect but with its small team of writers operating on a shoe string budget, it does a good job keeping us informed. Thanks for this article.

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