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ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

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By Friday, Sep 21, 2018 Viewpoints 25

As an “outstanding man,” Kavanaugh joins a less-than-illustrious group of crime-doers, scam enthusiasts, and lecherous crank-yankers whom Trump has defended by declaring confidently that he knows them to be “fine” or “good” people.

Source: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/09/trump-kavanaugh-outstanding-man-good-man-list.html

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  1. Leonard Quart says:

    Trump loves to use meaningless adjectives like “fine” to shower praise. Empty, reflexive language from a man without a heart or soul.

  2. Jim Balfanz says:

    Just think about what YOUR reaction would be if you, your brother, father, son, uncle, cousin or whomever in your family, had to go through what Brent Kavanaugh is being subjected.

    Ask yourself, do you REALLY support this absolutely SICK, all out POLITICAL effort, to destroy a man over something such as this, while ignoring what so many women connected with, or personally associated with politicians, have actually suffered? Just the latest is the former “girl friend” of Keith Ellison, a man running for Attorney General of Minnesota?

    Ben Hillman has proven that as a “media” person, he doesn’t care about being unbiased. It is all about helping a REALLY SICK effort to destroy a good decent person.

    How will Ben feel, if he is ever accused of anything like this and it is handled in the same manner as he, the Liberal Democrats, and the rest of the MSM are handling this?

    Frankly, I hope I live to see the day when Ben and the rest of you who support this, get your “just reward.”

    I received the following email from a friend, “Dr. Dick,” who wants to remain anonymous because of the way “the Liberals around here treat the truth:”

    “Accusing someone of a crime but not reporting time or place is clever.
    No way you can have an excuse since it wasn’t reported and no one was told.
    The perfect imaginary crime with no possible defense.
    Pure smearing of the reputation.
    No investigation could be done that would mean anything.”

    1. Brian Tobin says:

      Glad you put this out there, Jim. I feel it’s worthy of a brief, direct response.

      First, none of the men in my family would have tried to tag-team rape a 15 year old girl, so your question is irrelevant. On the other hand, Brett Kavanaugh’s and his drinking buddy Mark Judge’s high school yearbook pages speak for themselves, so Ford’s accusation is certainly credible. Investigating it would be advisable before making a lifetime job appointment to the Supreme Court. Many Republican friends agree with me.

      Have a nice day.

      1. Jim Balfanz says:

        I am so glad you are so confidant about the men in your family. Kavanaugh’s family and all of his friends and associates have the same opinion of him. This is a “she said, he said,” and frankly, if it is so TRUE, why did Feinstein sit on it? Tell us how you “investigate” something that happened 36 years ago, when the acusser can’t remember any of the important details of what “happened?” And, now is unwilling to “prosecute” this in the proper manner, instead of conducting a “public trial” with only conjecture for support? This does not pass the smell test.

        Please excuse any typos.

      2. Jim Balfanz says:

        …and your calling it a “tag-team rape,” clearly shows you are biased against this man….

        You had better hope that you are never accused of something like this and that it will be handled as this is being done.

        Anyone can accuse anyone of something. Especially when it supposedly happened 36 years ago when the person was 17 years old. Just because you would be accused, following this “procedure,” you would be guilty. Period. Guilty.

    2. Carl Stewart says:

      Mr. Balfanz—

      There is so much wrong about your various posts, that it is difficult to know where to being:

      1. Let’s try your wishing that Ben Hillman (and presumably others who agree with him) get their “just rewards.” Exactly what does that mean? Are you wishing Mr. Hillman ill simply because you and he do not agree politically?

      2. How do you know that Brett Kavanaugh is a good person or that he did not do what he is accused of? What if he did attempt to rape Christine Ford when they were both teenagers? Would that get a pass from you? If so, why?

      3. Professor Ford has taken a lie detector test and has passed, according to the polygrapher. If Kavanaugh is so sure of the fact that the incident never took place, why doesn’t he agree to do the same? It is an obvious response and aren’t you a just a mite interested in knowing why he hasn’t offered this to the Judiciary Committee?

      4. Mark Judge, the friend who was with him in the room where the claimed attack took place, could easily absolve him. Why has neither Kavanaugh nor the Committee asked him to testify?

      5. What difference does it make to this specific appointment that Keith Ellison, Ted Kennedy, Al Franken, Bill Clinton, or anyone else was involved in sexual harrassment or assault or other inappropriate conduct. If you lived in Minnesota, you could vote for Ellison’s opponent for this reason. Ted Kennedy is dead and neither Franken nor Clinton is running for office. Each individual should be required to answer for his or her own behavior. If your cousin committed a felony, would that lessen your degree of culpability for committing the same crime?

      Yes, we know, you like Donald Trump. This affinity is surely a mystery to most people but you are entitled to your views. It seems quite likely that Trump’s power is going to be very significantly reduced in about 6 weeks and then you will have something entirely new to complain about. But could you answer a simple question? If it is proved…and that will almost certainly be nearly impossible…that Kavanaugh attacked his teenage friend, should he be elevated to the Supreme Court?

      1. Carl Stewart says:

        Oops! That should have been “begin,” not “being.” Otherwise, I approve my post.

      2. Jim Balfanz says:

        1.What I mean by “just rewards,” is that I hope he is subjected to a similar accusation so he can see how it works for him, since he is so certain that a 36 year old accusation has been made….

        2. I, nor anyone else, INCLUDING Professor North knows Kavanaugh did do what he is accused of, because if this were true, it would have surfaced a long time ago, and certainly after she “remembered it.” And, no he would not get a “pass” from me if it were true. But, what he is being accused of is Groping her and you liberals have turned it into attempted rape. Further there seems to be some evidence that another young man who closely resembles Kavanaugh may be the person who did something like that to North, at a different party, which Kavanaugh was not present at. There is a lot we don’t know, so stay tuned.

        3. Everyone who knows anything about lie detector tests, knows that they are not admissible in a court room, due to the simple fact that they are so unreliable. I say have Ford submit to another one conducted by a third party, who will ask ALL the pertinent questions to see if she passes. My bet is that she will never take another one and that the first one was done by “friendly” people. End result: Totally unreliable.

        4. We actually don’t know that Judge hasn’t testified. I believe he gave a sworn statement under the penalty of perjury…

        5. It makes no difference, EXCEPT for the simple fact that you, Hillman and “your supporters” continue to give passes to anyone from “your side” while, when substantiated, the Republican party has a pretty good record of getting their offenders out. And, your comment about “your cousin” supports the simple fact that there are two sets of “results” for Liberals and Conservatives based on committing the “same” felonies.

        You make a mistake, Carl. I like what the duly elected President has done since getting elected. He made PROMISES to get elected – specific ones – that people can judge him on as to the results. He did not make the claim that he was “going to substantially change America,” without telling us exactly what those “changes” would be as his predecessor did. The duly elected President will continue to work to keep those promises and you just may be very surprised come November 7th.

        Finally, it will be impossible to prove that Kavanaugh groped North. She knows it, her lawyer knows it, anyone who understand the situation knows it. If it could, Feinstein and the Democrats would have led with that simple fact, instead of going through their “advise and consent” procedure and never raising it – UNTIL they knew they had not “scored” a single point against this nominee. And, yes, based on everything we know now, and the likelihood that it is not going to change, Brett Kavanaugh should be elevated to the Supreme Court.

        And, based on the previous record of Democrats actions and lies at previous Supreme Court sessions for nominees, who really believes anything they say, after Robert Bjork and now Kavanaugh?

    3. peter greer says:

      A couple responses to your series of posts. I agree that we live in a world of sensationalism ,tweets ,too quick to judge etc and that there are far too many cases on both sides of the isle of sexual abuse/ assault. There is also a ongoing and ever expanding list of institutions that have allowed and or looked away from blatant and illegal activities by people entrusted to care for our children . I have seen the process front row after the revelations that my HS , Horace Mann was outed in a book by a classmate in 2012. At least 60 students and probably more have been identified in this epidemic (fatal in some instances )Many schools have since been accused of similar abuses , a pattern with a ever widening circle of victims. This does not even scratch the surface of cases in college that are suppressed to preserve the “good name ” of the institution. if you think the system is responsive to victims you are sorely mistaken . If you think going public is a path to justice you are mistaken. There are also roadblocks for prosecuting these cases when they do emerge, statute of limitations , which shield the perpetrator from any legal process. Mr Kavanaugh is about to be appointed to one of the most important positions in the country , and the bar should be incredibly high . Your friend Dr D makes a moronic post which you share as part of your narrative accusing Ford of being “clever” . ..I’m withholding judgement on what happened many years ago and look forward to a public vetting , under oath, of professor Fords allegations and Mr Kavenaughs response. If its true ,he has no place being on the highest court in the land . This is not about ideology or political bias and its not about trump. Its about this mans character and integrity and its time to say NO if true. if its bs he should be confirmed .

      1. Jim Balfanz says:

        Peter, read the statement from the Editorial Board of the San Francisco Chronicle. Read the timeline. This is nothing but a political dirty trick. Period.

  3. Louann says:

    I agree with everything you have wrote. I am sadden by what is happening and scared for our future


  4. Jim Balfanz says:

    You know, if Kavanaugh were a Liberal Democrat and had gotten drunk, driven off a bridge with a young woman, left her to drown while swimming away and then tried to get someone else to admit to the crime, the Democrats would just let it pass also.

    Or if Kavanaugh were the Governor of Arkansas or the Prez, and actually raped at least one woman, took GREAT advantage of a young, gullible intern and more, we could also just let it pass…

    Or, if a Democrat candidate for Attorney General of a state, and a very high ranking official in the Democrat party were accused of physical and mental abuse by a former girlfriend, “We Democrats would also just let it pass.”

    But, GOD HELP a good, decent man who happens to believe in actually following the Constitution…. “BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!”

  5. Jim Balfanz says:

    Frankly, after finally seeing the Meme covering this Opinion, it is pretty clear that the Edge has already convicted Kavanaugh.

    In the famous words of Judge Roy Bean, out in Wyoming Territory, “We’ll give him a fair trial and then hang him.”

    You can only hope you don’t have to “appear” before the good judge Bean OR the Edge….

  6. Jim Balfanz says:

    “Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s treatment of a more than 3-decade-old sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was unfair all around. It was unfair to Kavanaugh, unfair to his accuser and unfair to Feinstein’s colleagues — Democrats and Republicans alike — on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
    Feinstein, a California Democrat, took the worst possible course by waiting until almost a week after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was completed to ominously announce that she had turned over “information from an individual” about Kavanaugh to the FBI, and adding that she would be honoring the woman’s “strongly requested” confidentiality.
    Feinstein has been around Washington long enough to know that her opaque statement guaranteed that the contents of the letter, sent by a Stanford law professor on behalf of the accuser, would be pursued and publicized in short order. And they were. …
    In concealing the accusation she had received in July, according to reports, Feinstein did a disservice to her Judiciary Committee colleagues, who might have wanted to determine if corroborating accounts were available, or at least question Kavanaugh about the accusation in a closed session.
    Instead, Feinstein’s colleagues were left in the dark.”

    The above was written by the Editorial Board of the San Francisco Chronicle – one of the most liberal papers in America.

    They “get it.”

  7. Tom Blauvelt says:

    Submitted below for your consideration are some not to distant Republican scandals:
     Robert Packwood, Senator (R-OR), resigned his office after 29 women came forward with claims of sexual harassment, abuse, and assaults. His denials of any wrongdoing were eventually contradicted by his own diaries boasting of his sexual conquests.

     Bob Barr, Representative (R-GA), had an affair while married to his second wife. Barr was the first lawmaker in either chamber to call for Clinton’s resignation due to the Lewinsky scandal.

     Dan Burton, Representative (R-IN): In 1995 speaking of the then-recent affairs of Republican Robert Packwood and the unfolding affair of Democrat Bill Clinton Burton stated “No one, regardless of what party they serve, no one, regardless of what branch of government they serve, should be allowed to get away with these alleged sexual improprieties….” In 1998 Vanity Fair printed an article detailing an affair which Burton himself had in 1983 which produced a child. Before publication Burton admitted to fathering a son with a former state employee.

     Newt Gingrich, Representative (R-GA) and leader of the Republican Revolution of 1994,[78] resigned from the House after admitting in 1998 to having had an affair with a staffer while he was married to his second wife, and at the same time he was leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton for perjury regarding an affair with his intern Monica Lewinsky

     Ed Schrock, Representative (R-VA), announced he would abort his 2004 attempt for a third term in Congress after allegedly being caught on tape soliciting sex from a male prostitute after having aggressively opposed various gay-rights issues in Congress, such as same-sex marriage and gays in the military

     Don Sherwood, Representative (R-PA), failed to win re-election following revelations of a five-year extramarital affair with Cynthia Ore, who accused him of physically abusing her.

     Mark Souder, Representative (R-IN), a staunch advocate of abstinence and family values,[127][128] resigned to avoid an ethics investigation into his admitted extramarital affair with a female staffer.

     Scott DesJarlais, Representative (R-TN), admitted under oath to at least six affairs, including two affairs with his patients and staffers while he was a physician at Grandview Medical Center in Jasper, TN. Additionally, while running on a pro-life platform, DesJarlais made his ex-wife have two abortions, and tried to persuade a mistress who was his patient, into an abortion as well

     Blake Farenthold, US Representative (R-TX) was reported to have paid $84,000 of taxpayer money, via the House of Representatives Office of Compliance, to settle a sexual harassment complaint from a former staffer.

     Pat Meehan (R-PA) US Representative used tax payer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim by a female staffer. He was removed from the House Ethics Committee, but remains in office

    1. Jim Balfanz says:

      Major difference, Tom… I believe each of the above people either resigned or were removed….

      Tell us again how Teddy Kennedy was removed; how Bill Clinton was removed; how Keith Ellison is being removed? A lot more examples of the GREAT disparity between how Republicans handle corruption and how your beloved Democrats do. Keep trying though, Tom.

      1. Tom Blauvelt says:

        Hi Jim,
        The point I was making is that sadly, each party (Dems and Republicans) have people with serious moral impairments . I do not know if the professor Blasey-Ford’s statements are true but I believe that the American people deserve to hear her case as well as judge Kavanaugh’s response. Let the Senate delay the vote on this appointment and hold hearings.

  8. I, Puplius says:

    Ruth Ginsberg claims that in 1962, Abraham Lincoln grabbed her tukas.

    1. Jim Balfanz says:

      Elizabeth Warren just claimed, “John Smith grabbed my “donkey” in 1607,” signed Pocahontas…

      1. Tom Blauvelt says:

        Jim and Anonymous I Puplius;
        I didn’t see the humor in your made up quotes but just in case you forgot about the President. Below is what he thinks of women.

        From the transcript of the infamous Access Hollywood tape
        Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

      2. Jim Balfanz says:

        Tom, I don’t condone what Trump did before he became President. Since you raised it, how about actions versus words? Wanna talk about what Joe Biden, Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd did to so may women? The called it “Sailor’s Sandwiches” and those three perverts violated a lot of women. But, let’s not say anything about Billy Bob and his transgressions (i.e. rapes and assaults), and the fact that his wife then led the effort to discredit every one of those women – she called it the “Bimbo Eruption.” And, then there was James Carville who used the term “Trailer trash” to describe women who had simply been doing their jobs when attacked by that pervert? So much more, but you get the idea.

  9. Cynthia LaPier says:

    When people, mostly men, have come forward about sexual assaults they endured 30+ years ago at the hands of priests and teachers, do you also consider these probably untrue because they were not reported right away, or that they are “he said he said” situations so there is no reason to investigate them further?

    1. Jim Balfanz says:

      In every case I have read about, and sadly there are so many, EVERY one of those men remembers exactly who did it to them. Don’t you find it somewhat curious that while she “remembered” that something happened back then, she didn’t “remember” who was involved until she became an anti-Trump activist? Does that really pass the smell test?

  10. Jim Balfanz says:

    1982 – Something may or may not have happened with another 2 (or 4) teenagers at a party, she cannot remember who threw the party, where the party was held, who she was with or how she got home. She was drinking and said nothing to anyone.
    2002… She said nothing.
    July 25, 2003: President George W. Bush nominated Kavanaugh to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit… She said nothing.
    2005… She said nothing.
    May 11, 2006: The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary recommended confirmation. Kavanaugh subsequently confirmed by the United States Senate… She said nothing.
    June 1, 2006: Kavanaugh sworn in by Justice Anthony Kennedy… She said nothing.
    2011… She said nothing.
    2012… She remembered ‘something’ happened in 1982, yet doesn’t name Kavanaugh, still said nothing to authorities.
    2017 – becomes an anti-trump activist.
    2018 – now 36 years later, with Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation looming, she pens an anonymous letter with grave accusations against Kavanaugh regarding foggy circumstance that occurred while they were both minors, then reveals herself and DEMANDS an FBI investigation before testifying to her incredible allegations

  11. Louann says:

    Again you are spot on. Let’s stop the presumption of guilt – let’s hear what both sides have to say. I pray that none of you have to go through anything like this in your life. I’m sure your Opinions would be different.

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