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ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

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By Tuesday, Feb 6, 2018 Viewpoints 9

President Donald Trump on Monday called Democrats’ stone-faced reaction to his State of the Union address last week “treasonous” and “un-American” during a visit to a manufacturing plant in Cincinnati.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-tags-democrats-treasonous-un-american-muted-sotu-reaction-n844851

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  1. Steve Farina says:

    Ben, do you EVER read the articles you link to, or maybe watch the video of what was said – which happens to be attached to the linked article. Someone in the crowd said it, and the President responded humorously.
    You continue to try to denigrate the President and show yourself to be the fool.
    And by the way, why did the Congressional Black Caucasus sit stone faced when the historically Low Black Unemployment was discussed? They should have been applauding, but we’re too caught up in politicking to actually acknowledge the massive improvement for the people they supposedly care most about. They truly showed they really don’t care about the issue of Black unemployment. It’s all about their political ego, huh, go figure…
    The President calls for a pathway to citizenship for about 1.8 Million “Dreamers” and still stone faced response from Pelosi… gosh the political antics were on full display…all about power, no regard for the issue

    1. Joseph Method says:

      You think that’s an appropriate joke for the president to be making?

      1. Steve Farina says:

        The President actually acted Presidential in the SOTU. According to a CBS poll immediately following the address,it had a 75% approval rating. Unlike he predecessor whose favorite word was “I”, this President used words like “we”, “team”, and “family” while reminding Congress they are all there to work together.
        His good news, conciliatory suggestions, and overall attempt to bring our representatives together were often met with stone cold faces, in spite of his bringing exactly what so many have been looking for from him. (Personally, I was pleased to see even Senator Schumer applauding during the immigration portion of the speech, as he clearly was responding to the effort to reach true bipartisan agreement).
        So, finally to your question: yes. The setting the President was in, coupled with the light humour of the moment, among real people being real people, yes, it was an appropriate response. If you have not watched the video segment in the link provided, it may be good to review. There was nothing condemnation worthy there…it is way past time to stop politicizing every statement made by every elected representative of the people. The divisive political culture will not ever be eradicated on a national level until it can be eradicated on a local level and we learn to all work together, not tear each other apart.

  2. Leonard Quart says:

    A defense of the indefensible. You are justifying a racist, a pathological liar, and an unpunished predator. Forget that he is opposed to the regulation of the environment and corporate and banking practices, and loves military pomp like a tinpot dictator. Just minor flaws in the Trump arsenal.

    1. Steve Farina says:

      There is a failure, here, to understand the moment. My comment is not about “All Things Trump” (which seems to have polarized followings on both sides). This is not about racism (though as I point out above, racism was on display by the CBC during the SOTU speech), the attributes of speaking truth or lies consistently, nor even past (and possibly current) behavior and speech. Neither does it speak of regulatory controls (which are sometimes necessary and other times overburdensome), or if a National Military Parade is warranted (which to me seems a HUGE waste of our grandchildren’s money – not too dissimilar to the “It was the Russians” witchhunt).
      If something unrelated to this article can be addressed, perhaps it should be the bipartisan Senate budget proposal which suggests the belief that the way to work together is to ADD to the over $20T National Debt just so both sides can say the “won” something as their cause will have more money…
      It is time for pressure to be applied to the leadership of both major parties to work together to not only BALANCE the budget, but to also START PAYING DOWN THE NATIONAL DEBT!
      As for The President’s comment about treason, to post this “Alert” merely reinforces the polarization.

  3. Joseph Method says:

    Steve, like Leonard Quart says, you seem to love to defend the defensible. If somebody said to my face that I was “un-American, treasonous, you don’t seem to love our country that much” I would have to fight down the impulse to punch them. The context wouldn’t matter. It might be a light-hearted thing for a stand-up comedian to say but when the president of the United States say it there’s no way for it to not sound menacing. Calling his political enemies traitors is the worst kind of incitement and yes, polarization. I really have trouble believing that you believe what you write on here.

    1. Steve Farina says:

      Perhaps you missed the SOTU. Or maybe the President’s sentiments were just ignored for whatever reason. Those you call his political enemies are the same that he called family, part of the same team. And, yes he said that even when presented with good news those on one side of the room were like death, bad energy, and even unamerican – and when presented with it, treasonous.
      Had that person shouted out “childish” instead of “treasonous” he undoubtedly would have gone with that.
      So what…if upon listening to it you found it menacing, I am sorry for you.

      1. Joseph Method says:

        This is the crux of the disagreement. You think that the president should be able to speak in different ways in different settings and not be criticized for it. I assume that the way someone speaks “among friends” is closer to how they really feel. When Trump was feeling comfortable among his people at a political event in Ohio he called the Democrats “traitors” and “un-American” so I’m not interested in what he said when reading off the teleprompter at the SOTU. I also think you give him too little credit. He knows the difference between calling someone childish and calling someone treasonous. He says these things for a reason.

  4. George Grumbach says:

    I used to post comments on Orange Alert, but it seems to have become the playpen for such a limited group of readers, the content of whose comments can be guessed just by seeing their names, that I no longer read or respond to them (with this exception). Is Orange Alert still viable?

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