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Moore has repeatedly appeared on a radio program hosted by a controversial pastor who has preached the death penalty for homosexuality.

In a February speech at the Open Door Baptist Church, Moore suggested that the September 11, 2001, terror attacks happened because the United States had distanced itself from God.


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  1. Steve Farina says:

    Hmmm, I thought “Orange Alert” was a reference to President Trump. Guess it’s just Republican bashing….no this isn’t a biased “news source” (sarcasm )
    Not sure why what happens in Alabama is of such importance to the Berkshires, but suffice it to say if Roy Moore was a Muslim or Jew all the religious bashing would be met with uproar. The link provided, as well as articles right here on The Edge have totally been anti-Evangelical Christian…just saying…
    As for calling him a Child Molester, that is what the court of public opinion has found based upon accusations which have been strenuously denied by the accused. Personally, I have no idea if he committed those acts or not.
    One accuser has admitted to lying about her year book inscription, admitting to adding information, including dates and locations. Among those changes:
    Christmas 1997 Love, Roy Moore
    Originally would have read:
    Christmas Love, Roy Moore
    Two completely different inferences.

    1. Steve Farina says:

      Sorry, the inscription says 1977, not 1997 – my typo.

      Also, in this particular case of accusations the timing is quite curious. We have a guy who was twice elected to the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and once ran for Governor of that state (which I didn’t even know until I read the link above). No accusations through those election cycles spanning many years.
      Now, as a Senatorial Candidate there were no accusations until shortly AFTER defeating a Republican insider, who had the national support, in the primary. Immediately, much of the national party leadership calls for him to drop out of the race – which would open the door to their man getting back in. And the accusations are from supposed events which occurred 40 years ago.
      Now, I am not declaring Roy Moore innocent of the allegations, but neither am I willing to declare him guilty. I am merely pointing out that the timing is suspect. Additionally, unlike many who have admitted to inappropriate behavior, Roy Moore has been steadfast in his denial.
      As Leonard Quart recently noted in one of his Edge articles, “Though one knows that as the accusations proliferate in the media, some distinctions will get blurred, and a few innocent men may painfully be thrown to the wolves. ”
      This may very well be one of those cases.

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