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ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

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By Friday, Oct 13, 2017 Viewpoints 8


While most residents endured another day without power and many without water or other basic services in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Mr. Trump upbraided Puerto Rico’s leadership for mismanagement that predated the storm and said troops and emergency workers would eventually leave … (although troops stayed in New Orleans for years after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005).

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/12/us/politics/trump-warns-puerto-rico-weeks-after-storms-federal-help-cannot-stay-forever.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

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  1. Charles Flynn says:

    I have to wonder if Mr. Hillman has anything constructive to do with his life. It is easy to talk about what is wrong, it is not so easy to look for and implement solutions.

    1. George Grumbach says:

      Your generalization is correct but inapplicable to Trump’s response to Puerto Rico. Ignore the disaster for several critical days. Then fly in with your wife for a photo op. Blame the Puerto Ricans for causing the problem. Then threaten to cut off assistance. That is not the way to look for or to implement solutions when American citizens are without electricity, potable water and medical treatment. As Paul Krugman wrote yesterday in The NY Times, Trump’s response to Puerto Rico would have been unimaginable if the hurricane had hit Iowa. But, like Obama, Puerto Ricans are not white people. And their first language isn’t English. And they aren’t super-rich. So they are not part of Trump’s base. So, let them get by with a few rolls of paper towels that the president tossed out to them.

      1. Charles Flynn says:

        George, I do not believe that the President or anyone else in the government is looking at the color of people’s skin regarding Puerto Rico. The island was struck by two significant storms and suffered unprecedented damage to its infrastructure and to individuals. Because it is an island it also brings to the fore, significant logistical challenges. While it appears there is a tendency by many who read PK in the NYT to categorize and point blame to individuals as another political and social issue. I choose to believe that the men and women assigned to Puerto Rico in both the Military, FEMA, and as volunteers are doing their level best to address the issue and damage that this disaster has caused to this great territory. Paul Krugman’s statements are classic NYT and do nothing to improve the situation in PR. The work of the aforementioned Military, Civilian government employees, Puerto Rican government workers and volunteers will. It is so easy to take up a pen and Monday morning quarterback tragedies and disasters. It is far more challenging to roll up your sleeves and go into the mix and help. Puerto Rico will take months and years to rebuild and many down there now are in it for the long haul. Including our President and his cabinet. Lets knock off the finger pointing and Orange alerts and work together to rebuild Puerto Rico.

  2. George Grumbach says:

    I have no criticism of civilian, military or PR government workers, and I recognize that the fact that PR is an island (as Trump informed us in a kindergarten level lecture) increases the challenge. But for several precious days while PR was being devastated, Trump was at his Bedminster country club tweeting about NFL players and ignoring the crisis in PR. And now, he is again reminding us that PR has itself to blame and can’t expect help forever. PR has not asked for that and is working hard to recover, facts Trump downplays. It was not Monday-morning quarterbacking to call out Trump on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for doing nothing but tweet about the NFL all that weekend. Nor has there been any evidence that “our President and his cabinet” “are in it for the long haul.” Instead, Trump has said precisely the opposite.

  3. Charles Flynn says:

    What specifically, could President Trump have done during those several precious days you refer to?

    1. George Grumbach says:

      He could have immediately mobilized the military, as was done in Haiti by a previous administration, and FEMA, when the forecast predicted the hurricane’s path and could have allocated more assistance from th outset. His response in Texas, Louisiana and Florida was strikingly better

      1. Charles Flynn says:

        That’s what he did do. Not all of them were in place immediately as you do not put your forces in harm’s way during an event when you plan to use them for rescue and recovery later.

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you Charles Flynn for putting the facts where they belong, too much negativity in the news today, it is getting very old and tired!!

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