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By Wednesday, Apr 26 We the People  12 Comments


The State Department has removed a blog post that touted President Donald Trump’s personally owned private Florida club, Mar-a-Lago … “Aggressively begging foreign countries to funnel money straight into Trump’s pocket is a clear violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause, but that’s precisely what the State Department is doing by openly promoting one of the Trumps’ private businesses,” Shripal Shah, vice president of American Bridge, a Democratic firm, said Monday. “It’s a gross abuse of taxpayer resources and flagrant violation of the law from an administration that thinks rules don’t apply to them.”

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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Apparently when the Clintons shook down countries and people for money , The Clinton Foundation, it was alright with democrats.

    1. DB says:

      You are a one trick pony and you got me again.
      Do not admit anything amiss, just blame the Clinton’s. It is your go to answer and does not adress current , ongoing issues.
      Patrick, were you never taught two wrongs don’t make it right?
      What is your excuse for refusing to look at HERE AND NOW?
      Does this mean that you have agreed with everything that you charge the Clinton’s with and do you think it is all good and ok to repeat or even trump?
      Honestly, what is your point?
      Blame the democrats while supporting the same but worse. Pitiful and thoughtless.

    2. George Grumbach says:

      If I remember correctly, neither Bill nor Hillary was president when the Clinton Foundation was in operation, and the emoluments clause of the Constitution was therefore inapplicable. But, as DB commented, Patrick’s moral code seems to be either that two wrongs make a right, or, more likely, that the Clintons can do no right and Trump can do no wrong. A pathetic argument, as Trump would tweet. Oh, and by the way, the Clinton Foundation has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on pressing charitable needs, while Mar-a-Lago gives all its profits, not to mention gold-plated accommodations, to Trump, while we the taxpayers pay a fortune every week so that Trump can play golf with his cronies and stuff himself with what he describes as “beautiful ” chocolate cake.

      1. Patrick Fennell says:

        The Clintons took so much money from bad actors they should be tried for treason. George someone has to give the other side on this far left wing blob. The Clintons are criminals and DB is a sniveling coward.

    3. susan says:

      This is untrue

  2. RAC says:

    CNN is the Clinton News Network. If you publish a link to fake news, is that fake news?

  3. DB says:

    Patrick, treason? Then why do you excuse all Trump’s atrocities by saying Clinton did it first?
    Answer the question.
    I think you may be confused.

    1. Patrick Fennell says:

      DB using a non-name might mean you are a Russian spy are you. Afer all only cowards and spies don’t use their real names.

      1. DB says:

        Just can not answer the question?
        Because you have no answers only wild, off base factless accusations. Fake news consumer and regurgitator. But you are consistent.

      2. DB says:

        I might be a russian spy… and Trump may be inviting you to mir/lago to thank you for your support,not.

      3. Patrick Fennell says:

        Why answer a coward DB? You are a sniveling little rat afraid to use your name.

  4. DB says:

    Nuff said. Only aggression but no answers.
    This is the new status quo.

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