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By Monday, Jan 2 Viewpoints  16 Comments

Orange Alert, an occasional (perhaps daily, perhaps more than daily, as necessary to keep up) feature, translating the president elect’s pronouncements. Today: Trump’s incessant bullying, even in a New Year’s message. For the source, click here.


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  1. Steve Farina says:

    Another insultingly named “Orange Alert”, supposedly about how President-elect Trump insults people. This column is itself insulting by its very name and that it continues to propagate the divisiveness plaguing our region and entire country is disheartening. I call on the editor to remove. Or at least rename this column.

    1. You Can Call Me Shays. Mr Shays says:

      If Orange insults your tender sensibilities, don’t come back.

      1. Steve Farina says:

        Doesn’t insult me or my acute sensibilities, it continues to perpetuate the divisiveness plaguing our region and our country.
        And I am not afraid to use my real name to say it!

  2. Steve Farina says:

    And, to be insulted for the being called and enemy instead of an opponent…really? Is that worthy of the New York Times? Is it worth even repeating?
    And by the way, what happened to diversity? How about we accept the President-elect for who he is and instead of reacting to being goaded, we learn to work with and around him on those areas of importance to us.

    1. You Can Call Me Shays. Mr Shays says:

      Work with him? No. Thanks for the suggestion though

      1. Steve Farina says:

        Were you railing against the HATRED? Seems maybe you have been infected.
        It seems that for many the definition of “diversity” is: accept others who have different lifestyles, beliefs, or opinions….as long as they agree with me
        Ugh, it is no wonder this nation is split in half

  3. Chris Thomas says:

    I’m with you, Steve. Hopes were high when we hadn’t heard from Mr. Hillman in almost a week. Alas, he’s back with imbecilic self absorbed “observations.” I second your suggestion to remove. I have been a fan of the Edge since arriving in this area but these submissions are insulting to our intelligence and divisive.

  4. Sharon K says:

    Amazing the people on here who support a low life misogynist, bigot, ties with the mafia..tells Howard Stern he can call his daughter a ipece f a**,,,..,,he brags about grabbing pu**y (here is the exaxct comment ”
    “I did try and fu*k her. She was married…..and when you’re a star, they let you do it.” Donald Trump bragged. “You can do anything. Grab them by the pu**y. You can do anything.””…and I could go on and on..those who support this %#$*&^ are showing exactly what kind of morals they have!!! I will give trump exactly what was given to President Obama the last 8 years..bupkus! He is goung to get everything he deserves and that is NO respect! And Berkshire Edge kudos and please keep posting the truth..and for all you trumpsters here is a video..with his own words and how he talks about his daughter makes you want to vomit!..In Trump’s own words >>>>>>>>…

    1. Steve Farina says:

      Hi Sharon, if you are considering my comments to be support for President-elect Trump, they were neither supporting nor condemning. The point is that we are past due for ending the divisiveness plaguing our country. It is time to stop submitting to the “spirit of party” that George Washington warned us against in his farewell address and start focusing on the ISSUES most important to us, working within that mechanism we have before us.
      That said, I hope you were equally repulsed by the “common knowledge” affair President Kennedy had with Marilyn Monroe, and even more inflamed when we found out that President Clinton was fondling his young intern with his cigar IN THE OVAL OFFICE. I am not standing up for President-elect Trump in this regard, but the bar was lowered a long time ago.

    2. Patrick Fennell says:

      You need a safe space and a coloring book Sharon.

      1. Steve Farina says:

        Hi Patrick ,in reading some of your comments in other posts it is clear you have some good insight to offer, however, the personal insults do not help your cause and are frankly out of line. i do appreciate your input on the issues and would really like to see more of that when the articles warrant it.

      2. Patrick Fennell says:

        I wonder if Sharon and her liberal friends are outraged at what just happened to a young disabled man in Chicago? Racism goes both ways.

      3. You Can Call Me Shays. Mr Shays says:

        Actually what she needs is a halfway decent President, which Trump is not and will not be.

  5. Bernie says:

    Dear Chris, Steve and Patrick:
    Thank you very much…

    1. Steve Farina says:

      Dude if you are implying I am a non-thinker, then any time you would like to discuss facts about what is going on around us, I would be happy to have an intelligent conversation with you.

    2. Patrick Fennell says:

      So Bernie are you Cher’s brother? No last name.

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