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By Sunday, Mar 5 We the People  17 Comments

“FBI Director James Comey’s request [for a public Justice Department rejection of President Trump’s accusation that former President Obama wiretapped his campaign] is a remarkable rebuke of a sitting president, putting the nation’s top law enforcement official in the position of questioning Mr. Trump’s truthfulness.


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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Funny you should mention the DOJ. Holder was the mastermind behind Fast & Furious, IRS scandal among many of his shortcomings, and let’s not forget Loretta Lynch on a plane talking to Bill Clinton while Hillary was under FBI investigation and from the democrats,….. crickets…………… Neither were asked to resign or recuse themselves from their current investigations. At least stay consistent. And what is the final count of senators who have met with Russians?

    1. Steve Farina says:

      You forgot Clapper lying to Congress about NSA collecting data on Americans, until Snowden rated him out.

  2. George Grumbach says:

    No president in history has been so irresponsible with the truth as Trump. Starting with the lie that Obama was born in Kenya, Trump has piled lie upon lie culminating for the moment in a totally unfounded allegation that Obama wire tapped him. Enough is enough. This guy is nuts and who knows what his next destructive act will be. The Reichstag Fire is probably his model. Bringing in Lynch and Holder shows how desperate Trump’s defenders are.

    1. Patrick Fennell says:

      If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor
      I did not have sex with that woman

      1. George Grumbach says:

        The first statement was made not just by Obama, but by Trump in the same words, claiming that healthcare would be better after the ACA was repealed. The second statement might be compared with Trump’s boast that, being a star, he could grab women by the pussy. But in addition, it led to the attempt to impeach Clinton. So it seems that your point is that Trump should be impeached for his lies. Then we agree!

    2. Rita Kasky says:

      Thank you for speaking out. Trump will hopefully run out of batteries!
      Fennel is a chronic complainer in the Eagle, the Record and the Edge. It’s sad that he’s so unhappy with the way we live.
      Regards, Rita Kasky

  3. Patrick Fennell says:

    George you must live in ignorant bliss. Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents in history, Jimmy Carter is breathing a sigh of relief because of Obama. The sad part is under Holder people died and law enforcement was under high risk, citizens rights were violated and he was and still is a racist. Speaking of racist what’s with Liz warren not voting for a qualified black man for a cabinet position? And why didn’t democrats demand Lynch or Holder’s resignations ? Session hasn’t even had a chance to do his job and your hypocritical party wants his head? Obviously liberals like you are hysterical, phony and just HATE Trump.

    1. George Grumbach says:

      I will let your comment be its own rebuttal. Nothing I could write would say it better than you did. I will just ask readers to decide for themselves whether it is liberals like me or whether it is you who are “hysterical, phony and just HATE”.

      1. Patrick Fennell says:

        Most of teh reader are uninformed liberals like you are George, you are allergic to teh truth and facts, thus the NY Times and CNN.
        Obama was a terrible president and the only reason he isn’t in jail is because teh democrats and weak kneed republicans in Washington
        .Fast and Furious
        Illegal spying
        Using the IRS to harass citizens
        Hiding the truth about Benghazi
        Drone attacks
        Paying off Iran with cash and the list goes on and on.
        But you hate facts and just use emotions to communicate.

  4. Steve Farina says:

    Hey Mr. editor,
    my comment in reply to George has disappeared. I know it was here because I saw it on multiple refreshes of the site. where did it go?

    1. George Grumbach says:

      Steve, no doubt it was Obama who removed your comment. I think you can find the explanation in Breitbart.

      1. Steve Farina says:

        My response was non partisan and stated facts without emotion…you don’t need to be an ass

      2. Patrick Fennell says:

        Steve being an ass is what George does best sine he deals with only emotion, not facts and left wing scare tactics.

  5. George Grumbach says:

    Patrick, I repeat my previous comment. I will again let readers decide who it is that “hate(s) facts and just uses(s) emotion to communicate.” Hint: his initials are PF.

  6. Leif Steinert says:

    How come when I turn on my computer, my television plays the Russian National Anthem?

    1. George Grumbach says:

      Because you are tuned to the Voice of America

  7. michele miller says:

    Oh dear…so much silliness.

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