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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Ben what scares you and your liberal friends is that President Trump might succeed where Obama failed. The good news is he can’t do any worse, after all it was Obama that left the US a divided country, as your posts are a good example of. Open minded people hope and wish for a good and prosperous four to eight years while narrow minded people like you Ben are always afraid and negative. Very Sad

    1. George Grumbach says:

      Patrick, your new president doesn’t see “good and “prosperous” visions. He sees “carnage”. Does that sound “afraid and negative” to you? Will Trump really reduce unemployment, improve healthcare, work to slow down climate change and bring Americans together? His motto seems to be that you can fool enough of the people enough of the time. As you would say, mimicking the tweeter-in-chief, “Very sad” for us.

    2. Sharon Koperek says:

      Now listen how a REAL man and president talks about his daughter vs. thow trumputin talks about HIS daughter….

    3. Sharon Koperek says:

      AND some really great words of wisdom from trumputin…“I did try and f*** her. She was married…..and when you’re a star, they let you do it.” Donald Trump bragged. “You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.”

      1. Steve Farina says:

        Sharon, I get why you are upset by what he said, years ago. I found it kind if ironic that Madonna was one of the voices chosen for the women’s march. About 30 years ago her videos became part of a cultural shift. In the video for her song “Express Yourself” She was the original p***y grabber. I am pretty sure it was as she sang the words:
        So if you want it right now, make him show you how
        Express what he’s got

        At which point she gives herself a solid grab.
        Maybe that’s not what she meant to convey in the video seen by millions, but sure seemed like it. Now she is a spokesperson for the anti-Trump march?
        Hahaha and just a short while before the elections she got up on stage and offered a blow job to man who voted for Hillary…
        Maybe her disdainful antics are what cost Hillary the election …

        I am curious, were you this upset when you found out Bill Clinton abused his position of authority and fondled his young intern with a cigar IN THE OVAL OFFICE? Did you organize and march on Washington?

        I am NOT defending the now-President Trump for his past statements, I am just trying to put a little perspective out there.

    4. Sharon Koperek says:

      AND we “liberals” are just DISGUSTED! And this is not just opinion. The are dozens of examples, all caught on video, that corroborate these things empirically.
      So when we see him disrespect a war hero or a gold star family or Mexicans or Muslims or women; when we see him demonstrate that he has no knowledge of how the government or diplomacy or law making actually works; when we see him humiliate the handicapped and incite violence and hatred at his rallies; when we see him completely undermine the U.S. Intelligence community and stack his cabinet with people who have direct conflicts of interest with their respective posts…
      When we see him do all these completely un-Presidential things AND THEN not only do the conservatives not turn their back on him, not only do they embrace him, but they take the ball and run headlong in to the weeds of racism and fascism to a level never before seen then we have no choice but to express our outrage.
      The internet is now full of people embracing racist behavior, caught on video and in social media posts, at an unprecedented rate, and all in the name of conservative-ism. And we liberals are disgusted. Not because they are conservative or Republican but because they are behaving like a blood thirsty mob with a true idiot as their leader. Not only is this inhuman, it’s UNAmerican.
      So for those who have thrown their full throated support behind a fascist we are left with no choice but to decry this behavior in the strongest possible language. And we make NO apologies for it. YOU defend the INDEFENSIBLE!

  2. Steve Farina says:

    Ben, perhaps I should just call on you directly to change the name of your post. “Orange Alert” is a direct insult and propagates the divisiveness plaguing our region and nation.

    That said, I agree with your message of “Hope for the Best. Be ready for anything.”.

    The fact is that we don’t know where this administration will take us as a nation, though it appears we will be moving in some new directions. Let us hope for the best. (Unfortunately, your choice of “D-Day” does not show hope at all, instead instills a negative tone before an objective opinion can be formed about the msg)
    We must remain vigilant on those issues important to us and be ready to influence them in a manner consistent with our given values – and seek to discern the truth through it all. We must be ready for anything.

    Hopefully we will all learn to communicate in a civil and respectful manner, regardless of where we stand in the political spectrum.

    1. Bobby Houston says:

      Steve, the main problem here is that Trump used explosive and abusive speech very freely to incite his base – much more toxic than the ‘insulting’ speech which you chide Hilman about. The fact that Trump (and many of his voters) then cold-bloodedly said ‘ah, he didn’t really mean it’ is mind-blowing hypocrisy, the lowest character trait on proud display. For anybody in his camp to then accuse his victims (Muslims, women, the majority) of intolerance or hopelessness is simply poisonous. WE’RE NOT STUPID.

      1. K says:

        Dear Bobby,
        My mind is in turmoil, my heart is weary. Thank you for putting in words what many of us are unable to express but know is the truth. We must not accept “hypocrisy, the lowest character trait” as the world watches a clown on display.

      2. Steve Farina says:

        Bobby, first off, no one called you stupid. Also, I agree there were times when he used inappropriate speech,as did his rival. The fact is there were issues laid bare about both of the major parties candidates that were unflattering (to puy it extremely mildly). With all of that out there, President Trump won the election.
        As for tolerance, diversity, etc., am I missing something or is not the point that other people have different views, beliefs, convictions, attitudes, orientations and we should tolerate them – accept them for who they are, not necessarily agree, condone, or partake, but allow them to be who they are? *even if their views don’t align with ours *
        Finally, don’t mistake plurality with majority. No one had a majority of the population vote for them in this election for President.

  3. Steve Farina says:

    Perhaps this could be called:

    RED (hat) ALERT:

    This would be identifiable as to who it is talking about, while showing the importance of the issues of concern, without hurling a personal insult

    1. Bobby Houston says:

      Steve, I simply can’t fathom how you want me to respect / tolerate a man whose stock in trade is The Murderous Insult. Who HASN’T he insulted? Spare us the false equivalencies of “they all said bad things.” Donald said the WORST things ever said by a natioanl politician – continuously. And btw Steve, politics is not christianity; there’s no call to turn the other cheek. Republicans have waged total war on Obama for years. So now The Donald needs to get used to getting as good as he gives. Which he never will because he has nothing but an empty narcissistic hole where his soul ought to be. Done and done.

      1. Patrick Fennell says:

        Bobby people like me find the words deplorables, homophobes, racists and bigots to be intolerable and wrong. We find it insulting to watch people destroy Washington D.C. simply because they don’t like our new president. When demonstrators are upset do they have the right to damage and loot, does it entitle people to free flat screen TVs? The working and middle class have been left out too long and left behind, this is a new chance for everyone.

        Just look on a local level, GB is finally dealing with high school costs and still is lost figuring out affordable housing and MA has been under democratic rule for six decades. Sadly MA has a sate budget teh third of CA and is one of the smallest states in area and CA has seven times our population, think about that and wonder why citizens are upset.

        Trump wasn’t my first choice in the election, but Hillary was no choice at all for me.

      2. Steve Farina says:

        Do your thing Bobby. Good luck with that, hopefully your soul doesn’t end up as empty by acting the same way you purport to despise

    2. Carl Stewart says:

      Mr. Farina—

      Do you really think, that after nearly 18 months of insulting everyone, from a reporter with a disability, to the parents of a soldier who died fighting for this country, to a fellow candidate because he didn’t approve of her looks, that Mr. Trump has any standing whatsoever to object to being the object of insults? Insults that are richly deserved, I should add. We are apparently stuck with him for a while, but that doesn’t mean we can’t criticize him and…perhaps more importantly, continue to make fun of him. If Nixon was fair game for late night television, Trump is proving to be a uniquely rich source of material. I urge Alec Baldwin, Seth Meyers, and everyone else who has the public ear, to continue to make Trump look like the dangerous buffoon he is. This isn’t about Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, it is about having a sense of decency. People who have dealt with Trump for the past few decades know that he is without a moral center and that is part of the reason he has surrounded himself with like-minded sycophants.

      1. Steve Farina says:

        Perhaps that is your version of choosing love not hate…it is not mine
        Returning insults, bullying tactics, and mean spiritedness does little more than validate the behavior, propagate the behavior, and eventually escalate the behavior.
        How has this worked out for us over the decades you speak? Are we closer together as the people of a nation? Have we figured out how to resolve our differences and live in peaceful unity? Will acting in such a manner bring us closer together and allow us to find common ground on many important issues?
        When are we going to grow up and start critically evaluating, debating, and resolving the ISSUES most important to us?
        For the record, not that it should matter, I am not a Republican, nor Democrat, I am independent in the true sense of the word. My votes are for who I believe will best perform the job they are running for. I have voted for D, R, and I over the years and attempt to look objectively in each case.
        That said, your statement about this not being a D or R, liberal or comservative, seems inaccurate. I apparently missed the massive protest march when our sitting President at the time abused his position of authority and fondled his young intern in the Oval Office with his cigar, and left a stain on her dress…oh yeah, he was a liberal Democrat and the most vocal outrage came from the Republicans.
        Don’t kid yourself, this is still a R vs D display of behavior.

  4. Ben Hillman says:

    For the record, yes, the name “Orange Alert” is making fun of the color of the President’s bronzing cream. Guilty as charged.

    1. Steve Farina says:

      🙂 I hope you take time to consider my suggestion.

      1. Ben Hillman says:

        It is a longstanding American tradition to poke fun at the personal quirks of our leaders. If I were to make a political cartoon of Barack Obama, I would give him giant ears. If I were to make a political cartoon of George Bush, I would give him a thick unibrow. If I were to make a political cartoon of Bill Clinton, I would give him a big red round nose. Same goes for the President’s fake suntan. Where I come from, people can tease each other about their minor personal quirks without getting their feelings hurt. 🙂

    2. Steve Farina says:

      When I come from it is ok to poke fun at the physical quirks of others too, but nowadays it is considered a form of bullying – we teach this to our children from grade school on, yet as adults we can’t seem to break free from the practice. While I seriously do not have hurt feelings over your use of “orange”, and I suspect the President would not either, it is the principle of whether it is ever appropriate to cast personal insults.
      I understand and have seen the long standing tradition of poking fun at political figures. How has that worked for us as a society? It is yet another underlying problem in our divided nation. Perhaps it is a tradition we should consider eliminating.
      There are other ways to draw attention to the issues

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