Opposing toxic waste dump, Bob Jones is candidate for Lee Select Board

If elected, it is my intention to do all I can to support and represent the voters of Lee in our opposition to our town becoming host to a toxic waste dump.

To the editor:

I am writing as the Democratic candidate for the Select Board in Lee. 

The Town of Lee is at a crossroads. We are faced with challenges to our homes, our health, our way of life, our futures. We have a clear choice as to how to move forward in the next election on Monday, May 17th.

The General Electric Corp., the Environmental Protection Agency, and the current Select Board have designated our town to be host to a toxic waste dump, a depository for the G.E.’s PCBs, collected from five towns and the City of Pittsfield. This was fomented behind closed doors, agreed upon by three members of the Lee Select Board, and now being forced upon a citizenry that never agreed to it. In fact, it was promised that no such agreement would be made without the consideration and acquiescence of the voters. 

If elected, it is my intention to do all I can to support and represent the voters of Lee in our opposition to this outrage. The Town Representatives voted in October of 2020 by a margin of 37-8 to rescind the “Rest of the River” agreement and to negotiate new terms, which would include no dump in Lee. It has been ignored. Given the urgency of the situation, this will be a focus if elected. 

Lee is the “Gateway to The Berkshires.” Once a thriving mill town, times have changed and our economic base is evolving. Tourism, second homes, smart development of former mills and vacant commercial locations, and a possible community center are all elements in a healthy future for our town. Preservation of open space for hiking, camping, hunting and fishing, and a sustained and nurtured beauty are keys to our future economic success. There are many assets that draw people to the Berkshires. We need to recognize and embrace the gifts that we have been given and do the best to preserve them for ourselves and future generations. 

Clear and open communication, transparency, and constructive dialogue should be on the front burner for Lee. A responsive local government is what the people of Lee deserve. I intend to act on this. We need to convince others to do the same. We can do this.

Bob Jones

150 Greylock St.