Opponents of Elm Court project should withdraw their law suit

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To the Editor:

We who care about the future of Lenox and the Berkshires should appreciate the steadfastness of the developer of Elm Court and the leadership of the Town of Lenox in their continuing efforts to bring Elm Court back as a viable and important contributor to the life and economy of our community.

The plaintiffs, of course, have the right to pursue every legal remedy possible to prevent this development (as I presume they would do to any other potential Elm Court development). However, I believe their doing so is a great disservice to our community.

The town and the Zoning Board of Appeals have carried out their legal responsibilities in a thorough, open and transparent fashion, considering all of the issues with deep respect for all viewpoints. The quality of their work is a testament to the success of the democratic decision-making system in our town.

I would hope that their exemplary process would be respected by those neighbors who were opposed to the project, and who, understandably, are disappointed in the decision.

Their pursuit of the appeal, while surely within their rights, appears, however, to be narrowly self-centered and frivolous, and fails to respect the clear decision, fairly reached, by the legally authorized boards of Lenox.

I hope the plaintiffs will reconsider their decision; they would do a great service to Lenox and the Berkshires by dropping their continuing efforts to prevent an important project that will benefit our community.

Martin S. Kaplan

12 October Hill Drive

Lenox, Mass.

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  1. Ritch says:

    Nicely written letter…and NIMBY cases always seem frustrating because of its simply-selfish nature. I wonder if the EDGE could write a story and bring those of us that aren’t up to date on the proposal of Elm Court project? If we were better informed (my bad if I missed it in an earlier post) we could be able to assess for ourselves if there is any legitimate concern in this suit, or if it is, indeed, a bitter NIMBY. Development and economic growth in the Berkshires is hard enough, and some people can make it downright impossible, even IF the project is serving the greater good. Thank you!

  2. GMHeller says:

    Not so fast! The company that is to run/manage Elm Court, is not Hilton, Ritz-Carlton or even one of the local Fitzpatrick sisters (who who run the wonderful Red Lion Inn and superb Blantyre, respectively).
    Rather, Elm Court is to be managed by Colorado-based, Travaasa Experiential Resorts, a hotelier that does not appear to run ‘the tightest ship’ nor able to run its operations to the highest standards of excellence in the hotel biz.
    Based on various reviews, there’s a lot left to be desired in the manner in which the company operates its various properties in other parts of the country.
    Recommend readers check out Travaasa’s reviews on Travelocity, Expedia, and other review Web sites.
    The reviews do not paint a pretty picture and it would be a shame if Elm Court ends up receiving similar reviews under this operator.
    Plus, if Travaasa can’t get its act together on its other properties, what makes anyone think it can fulfill its promises to Lenox and Stockbridge?

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