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The scene provided a powerful counterpoint to Mr. Sisi’s many critics, in Egypt and abroad, who know him as the leader of the military takeover that removed an elected president, oversaw a vicious security operation in which hundreds of protesters were gunned down in the streets of Cairo and has cemented his authority by filling prisons with his opponents while strangling the free press.

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“As President Sisi visits the White House, his government is overseeing a campaign of repression that flies in the face of American values,” said Maya Foa, a director at international human rights organization Reprieve.

Tens of thousands of people have been imprisoned since Mr. Sisi came to power, including several American citizens.

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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    The Clinton Foundation took money from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and dozens of other nations that abused and imprisoned innocent people and all of a sudden Ben seems concerned.

    1. George Grumbach says:

      Patrick, your moral code seems to be “what about them”? If “they” did it, then it’s OK. Instead, ask the question, “Is it right for Trump to support el Sisi?” If not, what does it matter what the Cllinton Foundation may or may not have done. Moreover, as you would be the first to point out, the Clinton Foundation is not the President. You will have to get over the Clintons. To paraphrase another of your heroes, Richard Nixon, you don’t have the Clintons to kick around any more.

      1. Patrick Fennell says:

        Richard Nixon was no hero of mine. Since you are only guessing my politics and badly by the way.
        The Clintons are very much in play, Russia remember and not only have they been paid and well by Russians and have brokered uranium to them, one of the sources that congress, FBI etc are using are Hillary’s and the DNC’s e-mails.

        Now when you start becoming critical of the democrats, which you will never do since unlike me you only focus on the ‘evil’ Trump, I and maybe five more bloggers will balance this far left blog.

        As a side note and a little off-topic I was glad Ryan’s ACA plan got turned away and believe Ryan and McConnell are bad for teh people of the US since they are part of teh swamp. But a narrow minded man only hates Trump and focuses only on him, not necessarily his policies, just a hatred for him.

  2. George Grumbach says:

    Now go back and re-read and answer my question: is it ok for Trump and Co. to support Sisi because, allegedly, the Clinton Foundation did similar things? Is “What about them?” the code by which to judge Trump and his followers? Your statement that “The Clintons are very much in play,” sounds more like your wish to use them as a foil to excuse Trump’s and the Republicans’ misbehavior than reality.

    1. Patrick Fennell says:

      It looks very much that you are so narrow minded you refuse to look away from the man you personally hate and not the truth. Sad there are still so people filled with hate like you.

      1. Pete says:

        We also have supplied weapons and aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. Administrations of both parties have done so to include Nixon, Clinton, Obama, Bush and Bush. Clinton and Bush had to deal with Hosni Mubarak, another corrupt leader. Ferdinand Marcos was welcomed at the White House by Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan. I don’t think either party gets a pass in dealing with undesirable leaders. I don’t care for Trump, but unfortunately, political realities have to be dealt with whoever is president. How about someone taking a look at our so called ally Pakistan that is funding and providing safe harbor to the Taliban in Afgahanistan who are in turn, killing US troops? Why do we give them money?

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