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I am here and this is now

By Friday, Aug 22, 2014 Arts & Entertainment, Environment

I am here and this is now

a land filled with everything

and containing nothing.


A land swimming in bullets

And drowning in denial.


I am here and this is how

watching the traffic grind to a halt

with engines running

with air conditioners running

and everyone and everything

running out for more.


I am here and this is me

Watching the weekenders

Drive into their weekend town

in their expensive newly realized quasi organic cars

eager to buy their organic fruit and vegetables

at the local organic farmers market

with their organic farm bumper stickers

with organic sun tan lotion

smeared on their organic peeling plastic faces

staining their organically made clothes

washed in organic soap

made in not so organic places

by slaves to this oh so organic machine.


I am here and this is how

organic churches and synagogues

Fill up with organic children

With their organic toys and prayers

And organic puppies wagging their organic tails

At their masters slurping organic ice cream

Before driving back to their organic homes

to watch organic shows

On how to do organic exercises

And cook their organic produce

So they can outlive their own organic lives

Before driving in their expensive cars

to take an organic hike

On an organic mountain

Or organically relaxing

In their organic gardens

Filled with organic flowers

Before getting back into their expensive new cars

to drive back into the organic town

To eat organic pizza and more organic ice cream

And sip organic tea before getting back

Into their expensive new cars

To drive back to their expensive organic homes

To retire early to bed after checking their stocks

So they can sleep with organic dreams

And wake refreshed and organic

To do their organic exercises and meditations

Before driving in their new expensive cars

With the radio talking about

Bombs and bloody children

And saber tooth Muslims

Annihilating civilization

Before making it back to their offices

And squash clubs

to play with themselves

Figuring out another way

to decimate and gamble away

our non-organic future.


I am here and this is how

Before and after the idea of work

Can get ever become realized.


I am here and this is how

Everything and everybody owning nothing

Shuffle along without anybody else noticing

Nothing is gaining ground

Faster than the next high speed connection

With songs and chants and images of yet more bloody black men.


I am here and here is nothing

Except borders and prisons and guards and lawyers

And people paid to listen to nothing

Except the tears and fears and crying mothers

Complaining about having nothing

Concealed and readily available

At the push of a button or pay as you go phone.


I am here and now is nothing

like it was one minute ago

When the coffee was hot

and the dog feel asleep.


I am here and this is nothing more than

Another poem written out of a need to dream

Of nothing reaching past the rejection slips

And tired reminders from family members

To get a real job and invest in the future

Even though they see very little good

Coming out of my future

it is better than me doing nothing.


I am here and this is now

A time when anything is possible

For those smart enough not to wait

For someone to give them everything

without as much as a thank you

for having given them nothing.


I am here and this is nothing

And this is nothing

And this nothing

Can be

Absolutely everything.

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