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David Scribner
An excavator from Brandy Brook Environmental and Construction completes the demolition of the former Laramee Cleaners building on Bridge Street in Great Barrington, Mass., preparing the site for the Powerhouse Square development.

Now you see it, now you don’t

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By Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 News 4

Great Barrington – A crew from Brandy Brook Environmental & Construction out of Delanson, New York, demolished the former Laramee Cleaners on Bridge Street today (March 13) to make way for the construction of the Powerhouse Square complex that will harbor the Berkshire Coop Market, retail spaces and condominiums.

The Laramee Cleaners building prior to its demolition. Photo: David Scribner

“This is the hardest demolition we’ve ever done,” observed Brandy Brook owner Craig Van Patten. “This building was built like a bomb shelter, with lots of rebar reinforcing the concrete.”

Still, within a few hours Van Patten, operating an excavator, had reduced the one-story building to rubble, and was stirring the debris with his machine’s bucket to separate the metal from the concrete and bricks.

The $15 million Powerhouse Square development features a 14,500-square-foot location for the Berkshire Coop Market, expected to be completed by the fall, as well as office spaces and 22 condominiums.

A rendering of the Powerhouse Square complex that will house the Berkshire Coop.

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  1. native says:

    So much for a quaint little town feeling…….Condos for who,People with a much higher pay scale…?

    1. SK says:

      I truly don’t understand many of the “natives” in the Berkshires. As a second homeowner I have felt very unwelcome by some locals. I have as much right as you to enjoy your beautiful part of the world. I have been vacationing there since I am a little girl. Do you not understand that without second homeowners and tourists the Berkshires businesses would not survive? I shop in your supermarkets and stores, I eat in your restaurants, I regularly use your hair salons, I go to the movies, theater, and concerts. I pay taxes. In other parts of the U.S tourists are so welcome as it greatly improves their economy. Wake up. We are not your enemy.

    2. Sharon Ann says:

      I agree native! GB has been ruined..no longer the small town of my youth..catering to those with money and not to the peons who live and work here every day! It’s too bad our lazy selectpeople chose tourism and never tried to get some green energy jobs or something along those lines so the natives CAN actually afford to live here! So very sad…

  2. Cheryl Thomson says:

    My feeling is it’s like when they try to sell a community on Casino’s they tell them the revenue is incredible.
    Well we all know that’s not true. They are picking these quiet small town because they hope the people
    living there will lose interest and go away the next thing you know there’s the Wal-Mart of Pot in your front yard.

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