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Nick Diller weather summary: November 2019 coldest of this century

Who would have thought that the month would go like it did when the high hit 71 on the 1st?

Great Barrington — Thanksgiving Day 2019 turned out to an average month — windy, yes, with gusts to 30 mph, but not the super-cold, biting weather of 2018. A simple move into the door opening of my shed with my grill and turkey, and the day was fine.

Actually, the month felt more like Novembers growing up in New Hampshire. I worked on a turkey farm, and Thanksgiving and Christmas were the seasons we “dressed off” the turkeys — about 3,000 of them — cold, snow and all. The work had to be done. I would catch them, and my brother and classmate would do the deed.

This November may have been normal for where I grew up in New Hampshire, but not quite here.

Here it turned out to be the coldest of this new century and one of the coldest since my records started in 1965. Who would have thought that the month would go like it did when the high hit 71 on the 1st?

But last month, the average high was 45 and low was 27, which turned out to be the third lowest low overall.  And mean temperature of 36 was the sixth lowest overall.

Usually the high is 49 and low is 30 for a mean of 39.5.

Precipitation of rain and melted snow was a little above average, but snow was way below.

November’s accumulation was 4.18 inches compared with 3.97 inches. Most of it fell the last half of the month.

So here it is December and forecasters are predicting lots of snow, at least to start the month.

I’m ready! I hope you are, too, either with snow equipment or travel tickets.

DATE     HI TEMP        LO TEMP          SKY                      RAIN           SNOW            MELT

1-Nov    71           40           CHANGING         0.5

2-Nov    50           28           FAIR

3-Nov    52           25           FAIR

4-Nov    51           26           CHANGING

5-Nov    55           41           CHANGING

6-Nov    49           29           FAIR

7-Nov    48           29           CHANGING         0.39        0.2          0.01

8-Nov    32           22           CHANGING

9-Nov    38           14           FAIR

10-Nov 46           32           CHANGING

11-Nov 52           32           CHANGING

12-Nov 45           19           CHANGING         0.08        1.3          0.08

13-Nov 25           14           FAIR

14-Nov 36           22           CHANGING

15-Nov 47           22           CHANGING

16-Nov 37           18           CHANGING

17-Nov 35           13           CHANGING

18-Nov 41           35           CLOUDY               0.08

19-Nov 39           33           CLOUDY               0.76        0.7          0.13

20-Nov 37           35           CLOUDY

21-Nov 46           29           CHANGING

22-Nov 48           32           CHANGING         0.16

23-Nov 42           29           CHANGING

24-Nov 40           33           CLOUDY               1.59        0.6          0.11

25-Nov 50           32           FAIR

26-Nov 59           28           FAIR

27-Nov 56           29           CHANGING         0.21

28-Nov 43           32           CLOUDY               0.07

29-Nov 38           28           CHANGING         0.01

30-Nov 32           20           CHANGING

TOTAL   45           27           MEAN: 36            3.85        2.8          0.33

TOTAL   4.18

AVERAGE: 49/30  MEAN: 39.5  RAIN/MELT:3.97″  SNOW: 3.5″


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