Nick Diller weather summary May 2020: Cool and dry

May was a cool and dry month, over all slightly cooler than April

Great Barrington — My automated weather system’s receiver in my office (pictured above) is always available for easy viewing. The picture shows all the information needed to bring to you temperature — outside and inside — along with humidity, dew point and winds, both direction and strength. And down on the bottom row is displayed the precipitation amount. This machine recorded what I observed.

The receiver recorded a cool, dry May.

May can be a fickle month with great fluctuations going from one extreme to the other, as has been the case many times over the years. May weather can look like late winter and very early spring and then, suddenly, it’s summer — a few days in the 80s with lots of humidity and then back to a cool, windy final day of the month.

May was a cool and dry month, over all slightly cooler than April, and as I send this to you, the temperature has dropped to 38.

I wonder when will warmer weather return in June?

Now to the numbers.

May’s average temperature:

70 high and 45 low. A mean temperature of 57.

Rain averages 4.56 inches

And average snow: one quarter inch.

In all, there have been five dates of accumulated snow since 1965. The largest amount came on Mother’s Day weekend 1977 with 11 inches.

May 2020 was the eleventh driest month with just 2.74 inches, well below average.

Temperatures showed an average high reading of 68, which was the sixth coolest and the low reading of 44, the seventh lowest with the mean the tenth lowest. All figures well below the 56-year figures.

May 2020 weather data: