The snow-covered landscape on East Street in Great Barrington, Mass. Photo: Nick Diller

Nick Diller’s February 2021 Berkshire weather summary: February 2021 was 11th coldest

Will spring come early or is the famous groundhog’s prediction on the money? 

A February that was just right, with just the right snow amounts and just the right temperatures for outdoor winter fun.

Also, some very pretty winter scenes. The photos I took from my kitchen porch bore that out. No large snowstorms, but just enough to freshen the winter landscape at just the right time and the ski areas seemed to be busy. This February was the tenth snowiest.

That coupled with ideal winter temperatures, outdoor enthusiasts were very happy. The month ended up being the 11th coldest in the now 57 years of weather record keeping.

And look! The last weekend brought higher temps and rain. Will spring come early or is famous the groundhog’s prediction on the money?

Well, some of the most ferocious winter snowstorms in U.S. history have come in March, so we will see.

I love our winters, not too cold and not too snowy.

The seed catalogs are here and so is the garden schematic. I am looking forward to spring. You probably are, too.

February 2021 weather data