News Brief: Gov. Charlie Baker criticizes Trump on withdrawal from climate accord

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By Friday, Jun 2 News  7 Comments

Gov. Baker issues statement supporting Paris climate agreement

Boston — Thursday, Gov. Charlie Baker released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement:

“While the decision by the Trump-Pence administration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is disappointing, the Commonwealth is committed to working with our partners around the nation and world to reduce carbon emissions. Despite today’s announcement, Massachusetts is aggressively working to exceed the goals of the Paris Agreement on the state level, while growing our economy through clean energy innovation and environmental stewardship. In Massachusetts and around the world, climate change is a shared reality and our ability to rise and respond to this challenge will shape future generations.”

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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Charlie Baker is a phony and has been a huge disappointment. He is nothing more than a taller version of Deval patrick. Charlie has been a toal embarrassment as a leader.

  2. Sheldon Hoxie says:

    I know, Pat. How dare Baker lead on an important issue like the future of the planet. What an embarrassment …

    1. Paula says:

      I believer you are talking about TRUMP now. After all, he was quoted back in 1998 as saying that he was going to run as a Republican if he ever decided to run for any political position because republicans will believe anything you say. You can tell them any lie in the world and they believe it. Seems likes it’s his jets, jobs, money that is overseas. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. Seems to me history of words is repeating.

    2. James Hall says:

      Climate science comes from scientists, not a bunch of liberals. When scientists speak up and warn society to take action or suffer predictable consequences they are doing so based on the overwhelming results of serious research. This is not political. Only fools ignore informed warnings from people who know much more than they do and demand 100% proof.

    3. Patrick Fennell says:

      Paula unlike your liberal friends like Kathy Griffin, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Hillary, Trump doesn’t pretend to be a Global Warming believer. The real hypocrites like Al Gore who fly in private jets to Climate Change meetings, next week they’ll call it something else, and live in huge mansions, George Clooney has many of them by the way are the true phonies. This is a scam, how do scientists explain the various temperature changes throughout time.

      There is a greater chance of nuclear war with Iran or North Korea than having the Pacific Ocean wipe out CA.
      Trump is standing up for Americans, jobs, and yes the US is doing its’ part to protect the environment.

      I remeber sitting through the first Earth Day assembly at Mt. Everett and seeing Congressman Conte hold up a plastic bag and inform the gym full of students and teachers that ‘Plastic will save the earth. Oh how science has changed.

  3. RAC says:

    The lefty Marxists have no god, so they worship the corpulent and corrupt, noxious gas-spewing Al Gore and the ex-president. What was his name again? Valerie Jarrett?

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