News Brief: Census information important for all properties

Census information important for all properties

Great Barrington — The town of Great Barrington would like to remind the public that it is important to complete a Census form for all properties, including seasonal homes.

Those who live at multiple places throughout the year should count themselves at the address where they live and sleep most of the time. Those who split their time evenly between two or more places should count themselves where they were staying as of April 1, 2020. However, a census response is required from each and every property.

For any property that is owned but only used part of the time, follow these instructions:

  • Visit;
  • Enter the Census ID or address for the secondary property;
  • Enter “0” for the number of people living at the property;
  • Click “Next,” and when a “soft error” occurs, click “Next” again;
  • Select “No” when asked to confirm no person lives at this property; and
  • Select as primary reason “Seasonal.”

Following the instructions will ensure that all properties are counted.