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New video parodies N.Y. Congressman John Faso for taking away health care

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By Thursday, Oct 25, 2018 We the People 3

Hillsdale, N.Y. — Rep. John Faso, R-Kinderhook, voted to abolish the Affordable Care Act for New Yorkers after promising to protect it, a promise recorded for all to see. Tens of thousands of Faso’s own constituents would be stripped of health care coverage, for it especially targeted the women and children of New York’s 19th Congressional District. And even though Faso promised he would not allow insurers to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, his vote would have accomplished exactly that.

In a new video ad, “Make You Sick,” released this week by the Catskills Freedom Network, animated rapper DJ Faso again turns the tables on the real Faso, imagining him as a rapper trying to explain his betrayal to his voters. The following is a sample:

I’m John Faso
Love breaking promises
Affordable Care Act
I voted to abolish it
You could look it up
It’s really not a rumor
I lied through my teeth
To a woman with a tumor.

“Faso has a history of betraying his constituents,” said Michael Dvorchak of Hudson. “He voted to deprive health care for millions of Americans – while endangering people with pre-existing conditions – and to cut Medicaid for seniors and the disabled.  He has supported huge corporate tax cuts, while offering temporary crumbs to the middle-class, and has voted repeatedly to undo workplace safety protections, placing hard-working Americans at risk. In short, he has betrayed his constituents, and our ads will highlight all of this.”

“From now until election day, Nov. 6, voters in New York 19 can watch rapper DJ Faso’s ads on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook – along with ads highlighting how Congressman Faso has hurt working families,” said Catskills Freedom Network Chair Sherwood Guernsey.

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  1. Jim Balfanz says:

    “BY THE EDGE STAFF” “WE THE PEOPLE” Says it all….. So much for unbiased news….

  2. Jim Balfanz says:

    Here is just ONE EXAMPLE of the progress being made to lower health care costs….

    ‘It’s time to end the global freeloading once and for all’
    For far too long, the United States has been footing the bill for lower drug prices—in foreign countries. American patients and taxpayers unfairly subsidize worldwide drug innovation while patients overseas get much lower prices from drug makers. Medicare in particular has shouldered an outrageously high burden.
    Today, President Donald J. Trump is launching actions to confront global freeloading and lower medicine prices for American patients. The heart of the effort is simple: putting forward a new way for Medicare to pay for certain drugs that is based on prices that other developed countries pay.

    That action alone is projected to reduce Medicare’s payments for these drugs by an incredible 30 percent over the next five years. And a related plan will fix the perverse incentives for doctors to administer more expensive drugs to patients.

    Driving down drug costs has been a top priority for this President since day one, and Americans are already seeing results:
    • In the 100 days following the release of President Trump’s blueprint for lower drug costs, more than a dozen drug companies reduced their list prices, rolled back planned price increases, or froze their prices for the rest of the year.
    • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set a new record for generic approvals last year, approving more than 1,000 generics that will bring an estimated $9 billion in savings in 2018.
    • President Trump signed a law to end unfair gag clauses, which prevented pharmacists from telling patients when they could pay less out of pocket than if they used insurance to cover certain medicines.

    This could have been done under the previous Administration. After all it was they and their cabal who shoved the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE down our throats, without doing a thing to help on so many cost related issues…

    So much for GOVERNMENT run health care being better for us…

    1. Joseph Method says:

      So the solution to high drug prices is for the government to use its combined buying power through its government-administered healthcare plan for older people to get a better deal? Umm, I agree. Imagine how much bargaining power the government would have if *everyone* was on Medicare!

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