Lucinda Vermeulen endorsed for Egremont Board of Selectmen

To the editor:

Lucinda Vermeulen is running for the board of selectmen in Egremont’s upcoming election Tuesday,  May 14. She is seeking to fill the vacancy created by Bruce Turner’s retirement after many years of service. I urge my fellow Egremonters to elect her to the board.

Lucinda is a worthy candidate. She has deep Egremont roots and a cool, analytic mind. She has served for years as the owner/CEO of Kenver LTD, a premier outdoor recreational store located in Egremont’s South Village. Her shop is always full of good merchandise at good prices – the mark of a good manager. And it often serves in a support role for community-minded local initiatives, from Greenagers to a citizens’ group assessing the future possibilities of one of the Town’s historic landmarks.

Lucinda clearly knows how to handle money, a skill just as clearly a plus these days in town government. She is also good at communicating, starting most importantly with her readiness to listen — to really hear — even things she doesn’t want or like – another trait that is a major strength. She’ll even go so far as to change her mind, to admit an earlier position was mistaken.

I recommend Lucinda to my fellow Egremont citizens. We will do ourselves a favor if we give her the opportunity to work with and for us in a leadership role.

Chet Delaney

28 Lakeside Dr