Longtime Housatonic resident thinks closed school should become ‘green’ space

It is time for Housatonic to have our Village Green.

To the editor:

Here we go again. Another meeting, more ideas on what to do.

For years we have had a number of proposals for the old Housatonic School. One of the main issues is the existing building only has enough land for a car to drive around it. On one side, we have the only park in Housatonic and on the other our Housy Dome.

Affordable housing? What a joke. Affordable in Great Barrington? This only works if one is being subsidized by another giveaway government program. We have an old school building with developmental problems. Remediation (removal) of any additional contamination will be paid for by taxpayers, regardless who owns the building.

The correct answer to our problem maybe to tear the building down and build a village green. This new area could be enclosed by a small fence like the one next to Stockbridge town hall for the children. Money from the Community Preservation Act can be used for open space.

Great Barrington has a large number of parks and a private lake for the rich people on The Hill.

As a reminder, most of the residents in Housatonic today never attended or were alive when the building was a school.

Still want to look for another developer? Want another lesson? One only has to look at the deal the Selectboard continues to give the taxpayers on the old fire station.

It is time for Housatonic to have our Village Green.

Andy Moro