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Trump blimp in London's Trafalgar Square to protest the American president's presence in England.

LEONARD QUART: Tactless Trump in London

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By Friday, Jul 13, 2018 Viewpoints 12

I have recently returned from my second city, London, for the 47th time. Over the many years I have closely followed the ups and downs of British politics — from Wilson and Thatcher to Blair and May — in The Guardian. So Trump’s visit to Britain has much greater emotional impact on me than his visits to other European nations.  

In his usual coarse, tactless fashion before his meeting with PM May, Trump gave an interview where he praised her hard-Brexit supporting Party rival, the flamboyant and egregious Boris Johnson and stated that she had ignored his – Trump’s — advice on Brexit, a move he said threatens to scuttle a trade deal with the U.S. On Friday at a joint news conference with May at Chequers, he tried to dial back his criticism, by describing May (with his characteristic empty hyperbole) as a “terrific woman … doing a terrific job.”

His aggressive intrusion into British politics only heightened the anger of a large portion of the British public as thousands of protesters massed on London’s Trafalgar Square in a day of demonstrations against Trump’s first official visit to the U.K., while smaller protests took place in other parts of the country.

Organizers have claimed about 100,000 people showed up in London to protest. It included a blimp depicting an angry-looking Trump-like figure in a diaper; a cellphone sits in its right hand. According to a British poll, only11 percent of Britons believe Trump is a great or good president. But 67 percent, a vast majority, believe he is a poor or terrible president.

Anti-Trump demonstration in Trafalgar Square in London.

There are, of course, Trump supporters in Britain including the Murdoch owned tabloid ThSun. But in the London world I move in, just as in New York, I never meet them — the limits of my living in a bubble.

Still, I am heartened by the protests, and the responses of the marchers. One woman said: “He is the great destroyer. It takes very little time to destroy something which took decades to create and will take decades to build up again.” And Labor MP David Lammey said: “I don’t think any of us could have believed that a man full of such bile, such hatred and such evil would get his hands on what is at its best the beacon of freedom in the world. This presidency is worse than any of us could have ever, ever have imagined.”

For an instant the protests make me forget my revulsion with both his political agenda and his very being. Still, I know the next day and the next week he will continue to be in power destroying the environment, acting perniciously towardsimmigrants, minorities, and women, and tilting the Supreme Court for the next three decades to the right. So I will try to enjoy the moment and have one rare night of decent sleep, before I wake up facing the dark.

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  1. tedb says:

    A Twinkie that has come alive !

  2. Morgan Bulkeley says:

    What I’m wondering is how potus can play golf with those painful bone spurs that kept him from serving his country all those years?

    1. Charles Flynn says:

      Morgan, did you serve?

      1. Carl Stewart says:

        Is the uber-patriot Charles Flynn maintaining that only those who served in the Armed Forces should be allowed to comment on the President? If so, then Mr. Trump is very clearly not one of those who should have anything to say about the military.
        And after today’s shameful (and much worse) performance by the traitor-in-chief, perhaps even many of the Republicans in Congress will finally have the balls to say “no mas.”

  3. Charles Flynn says:

    Ah Leonard, you fail to see what our president is doing. He is serving the people of the United States of America. That is what we the people elected him to do. He is not offering eloquent speeches and then delivering nothing like his predecessor did for eight long years. We the people voted for and elected Donald Trump President because we were tired of eloquence and lack of positive action for the people. We wanted and got a President who serves the people. If he shakes things up a bit, so be it. So if you are offended Leonard, get over it.

    1. Tom Blauvelt says:

      Hello Charles,
      Please remember that President Trump lost the popular election by almost 3 million votes so we the people did not exactly give him a mandate. And here is a partial list of his predecessors’ non accomplishments: rescued the auto industry, saved the banking industry, passed Wall Street reforms, implemented the Affordable Care Act, got rid of Osama bin Laden, repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, established rules to limit carbon emissions from power plants, protected net neutrality, normalized relations with Cuba, expanded protection over wilderness and watershed areas, reduced veteran homelessness by half, reduced the deficit from 9.8% of GDP to 3.2%, fought climate change, and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

      1. Charles Flynn says:

        Tom, don’t want to take a lot of time on this except to say that the Affordable Care Act is now known as the Unaffordable Care Act, and did he not say you could keep your doctor? Hmm… Did the act really benefit the people. He almost tripled our national debt. Believe what you want about Barack Obama, my belief is that he caused more deaths to our troops in combat due to restrictive and unrealistic ROE. Osama Bin Laden met his demise by means of Seal Team Six, Obama only authorized the mission. What did the normalization of relations with Cuba do for the USA? When we again have real historians researching our country’s leadership in the future, I suspect that Barack Obama will join the ranks of some of our nation’s worst presidents. In closing, we live in a Constitutional Republic, as I said earlier, Trump won the election.

  4. William says:

    If the people you are referring to are his family, fellow billionaires and the his Russian masters, Then yes he is serving ‘the people”.

  5. Charles Flynn says:

    Carl Stewart, I see you continue to be the master of the overstatement and follow on tirade. I, as an American citizen and veteran, asked Morgan who appears to allege that President Trump is a draft dodger if Morgan served. I am not really interested in your response. I am in Morgan’s if he chooses to answer.

    1. Tony Blair says:

      I happen to know that he did.

    2. Carl Stewart says:

      Despite your protestations to the contrary, Mr. Flynn, you are indeed interested in my response. If you were not interested, you wouldn’t have taken the time to tell me you weren’t interested. Simple Psych 101, fella! And you know what? You will be so uninterested in this comment, that you will try but will be unable to resist responding again. And again.

      1. Charles Flynn says:

        Carl, the majority of the opinions in this the comment section were regarding an issue. You chose to make it about people who responded that had a differing opinion. I respect those who shared their thoughts and am researching some of their statements as this is also an opportunity to learn and examine differing opinions. Unfortunately it appears that your own somewhat inflated evaluation of your personal self may be getting in the way of opportunities to learn also.

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