Lake Mansfield improvements deserve town support

To the editor:

Lake Mansfield is a recreational gem for residents and visitors in our town and it urgently needs our support to continue efforts to restore and rehabilitate the park area. The lake offers a diverse array of recreational opportunities and habitats that provide outdoor experiences so essential to our well-being as a community. For over a decade the Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force has worked and been supported by the town to develop improvement plans for the lake and surrounding environs. Continued support is needed now. I urge all residents of Housatonic and Great Barrington to visit the site below and sign the petition to support ongoing improvements to Lake Mansfield.

At this year’s Town Meeting on June 22 at Monument Mountain High School, you will have an additional opportunity to support Lake improvements by voting YES on the Community Preservation Act project funding, Warrant Article 19.

Please support this gem.  Thank you!

Brandee Nelson

Great Barrington

The writer is a member of the Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force.