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Knight will provide the leadership needed for change in DA office

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By Friday, Aug 31, 2018 Letters

To the editor:

Until a few days ago, I was undecided between these two candidates as they both have a progressive agenda focused on bringing needed change to the district attorney’s office. Andrea Harrington has a more polished delivery style. But I didn’t know enough about what Judith Knight could do as DA, although I knew that she is a criminal defense attorney.

This past Sunday night, I attended a meet-the-candidate event for Judith Knight and have decided for the following reasons that Judith Knight is the best candidate:

  • She has had diverse practice experience in her 30 years as a lawyer, including work in the DA’s office in Middlesex County/Boston as well as her work as a criminal defense lawyer in Berkshire County. In other words, she has been in the trenches on both sides of the issues.
  • Judith spoke in detail of her experience in District and Superior courts and the value of the mentoring she received when she was a young assistant district attorney lawyer. District Courts deal with minor offenses while Superior Courts deal with major criminal offenses. Andrea Harrington has never tried a case in Superior Court and has had only eight trials since 2011 and none since 2016. Five of those cases were OUIs (under the influence offenses). Andrea Harrington, when asked about trial procedures, gave the wrong information in debates. As DA, Judith, as a seasoned lawyer, would be able to mentor ADAs trying cases in both District and Superior courts.
  • Judith also spoke of a network of DAs from the counties of Massachusetts that exchange information and practices. The current DA has not connected to this network. Rather than re-inventing the wheel in implementing change, she spoke of connecting with this network and using resources and ideas that other, more progressive DAs have put into practice.

Please consider giving Judith Knight your vote. She is thoughtful and knowledgeable with many years of relevant experience. She has the progressive platform and has been pushing this same platform of progressive reform for more than a decade. She not only talks the talk, but will be able to produce the needed results. Judith Knight, if elected DA, will provide the leadership needed for change.

Carol Noble
Great Barrington

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