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Keep Chabon on Stockbridge Board of Selectmen

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By Sunday, May 19, 2019 Letters 1

To the editor:

I am writing this in appreciation of another contributor’s letter in yesterday’s Berkshire Eagle. Don Chabon, current chairperson of the Stockbridge BOS, shared his thoughts on the upcoming election in Stockbridge, and offered an overview of events in that town that are well worth considering.

My wife and I recently moved to Lee. We lived in Stockbridge for nearly 18 years as a part of my employment. It became much more than that. We are delighted to be in Lee, a wonderful town where we lived many years ago. My wife grew up here, we found a great home, and are near to family and many dear friends.

This does not in any way diminish the great affection and respect I have for Stockbridge and all my friends and neighbors there. I was pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the workings of a small New England town where many can only dream of residing. I was in involved in the town’s affairs, served on the ZBA, moderated (as a stand in) a town meeting, and enjoyed the banter and exchange of ideas at the local coffee shop and around many kitchen tables. Local politics is a topic that many in Stockbridge take very seriously and hold dear.

There are always naysayers. Critics with personal agendas who see things only their way. They deal in personal attacks, innuendo, conspiracies (large and small), and of course, demeaning sarcasm. They are often short on facts, logic, and reason.

Thank you, Mr. Chabon, for reminding us of the facts. Much has been accomplished in the past few years. It hasn’t been easy. There has been conflict. There has been progress. There have been numerable successes. And, the process that makes it all work is alive and well in Stockbridge. The voters are knowledgeable. They know exactly what they are doing. There are sometimes mistakes, but more often than not, it works. Yours is an involved citizenry with sometimes broadly varying opinions. These are the people that run Stockbridge. In my experience, the vast majority put Stockbridge first.

Mr. Chabon, you’re coming from the right place. We have not always agreed, and that is evidence of a healthy, positive, invigorated climate in the town. I hope you have the opportunity to keep up the good work.

Robert H. Jones Jr.
150 Greylock St.
Lee, MA 01238

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  1. Jim Balfanz says:

    The only “agenda” those of us have for supporting a change in our Town Government tomorrow is because of the many actions the incumbent candidate has taken during his controversial three year term. Only one example of Mr. Chabon’s nefarious actions are clearly stated in the following:
    Letter: Stockbridge democracy is slipping away
    Posted Thursday, June 8, 2017 6:03 pm
    To the editor:
    I just finished reading The Eagle article “When leaders get heated” (June 7) about the heated exchange between Select Board members concerning the underhanded way Danielle Fillio was appointed permanent town administrator. Don’t get me wrong, I totally think Danielle should get the job, but not under the enormous black cloud in which the decision was made.

    The only thing that I can say is, “Wow, that didn’t take long.” This is the third time I have written about bullies taking over Stockbridge. The theory is that if you yell loud enough, good people tend to sit down and do nothing.

    We’ve seen this behavior before in recent history when Mr. Chabon walked into a Select Board meeting and moved to fire town council Ray Miyares. Mr. Chabon already had a resume for the new lawyer he wanted to hire. The only problem was that board member Steve Shatz had not been included in the decision. Terry Flynn has every right to feel blindsided because he was.

    There is a reason people are being elected unopposed. Very few people want to get involved in this mess. For over two centuries Stockbridge has conducted itself in a honorable way. Wake up Stockbridge, your democracy is slipping away before your very eyes.

    Cris Irsfeld,
    The writer is a former town selectman.

    So, while Mr. Jones and other supporters of the incumbent accuse others (including me) of having “a personal agenda,” please know that all we want is to have a fully functioning Select Board that will work on behalf of all our citizens, and not simply a few well connected people.

    We need a change in town government as exhibited by Mr. Chabon over the past three years. It really is that simple. Please vote for Roxanne McCaffrey for Selectmen tomorrow. The future of Stockbridge depends upon making the necessary change to that position.

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