Just another Day of Celebration: January 12, 2019

Five national celebrations on this one solitary winter’s day. Who knew?

Just stop. Stop railing around about Trump, traffic circles or if you’ll ever buy Romaine lettuce again. Take the higher ground. Put your attention on matters of true import: today is National Kiss a Ginger Day so go out and hunt down a red head and give them a smack on the cheek. Finding a ginger might be a challenge. I suggest you roam the isles of Big Y or stop into the 30 beauty salons in Great Barrington in search for one. Yes, red dye #2 is a cheat but cheating has become a national norm, don’t you think? Today is also National Pharmacist Day. What can I say? Best not give him/her a smack on the cheek. Maybe a nod of pathos would be in order. Let me go on to add National Curried Chicken Day to the list. I guess no one cares about lamb, beef or shrimp curry. On their behalf I give a nod of dismay. Why does chicken curry rise to national recognition trampling the rights of other curries? Politics at play yet again. Let me continue by telling you that today is also National Marzipan Day. I wonder how many people don’t even know what Marzipanis? No doubt some would guess it has to do with zoning ordinances on Mars or the mapping of the scars Tarzan acquired while swinging from vine to vine… Marzipani’s a confection and should not be eaten, even on this day of celebration, if you are allergic to almonds. I wonder who in Washington has a peanut allergy? Just asking. Last but not least, today is also National Vision Board Day. At first I thought this was a celebration for that grid that my ophthalmologist has me stare at to gauge the saunter of my macular degeneration but, thankfully, I then realized this day is to extol the benefits of pasting pictures of bucket list desires onto poster board. When it comes down to it, I think I’d rather extol the eye grid chart than revel in the cut and paste deus ex machinas of my desires, if you catch my drift. Five national celebrations on this one solitary winter’s day. Who knew? And how can we possibly honor them all? My solution: I’ll just look for a red headed pharmacist eating curried chicken in an Indian restaurant where, on the side, they make mini marzipan Statues of Liberty that they then mail to politicians, with or without allergies, that they have posted on their American Dream vision board.