Judging judgment in the DA’s race

In her letter Mary Talbot writes: "Judith Knight has been an advocate for crime reform for years."

To the editor:
I chose to place myself in the midst of the Berkshires District Attorney’s campaign back in April to support Judy Knight and what a ride it has been!  
I have met the most interesting people and I’m very thankful for the experience overall. I know just how important the DA’s job is and why the person in that position needs to be a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer. I have not wavered from my belief that Judy Knight is the person with the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge that this community needs right now.  
However, I have been amazed at some of the lack of good judgment people have with regards to this race.
While Andrea Harrington is obviously a well educated person, she has a lack of judgment, in my opinion, to think that she can handle such a position. I have been to all but one of the public debates and Ms. Harrington can only talk in broad policy statements. If you watch the debate films, you will see that she has her talking points well-memorized and is articulate in her delivery. But that’s where what she has to offer in this DA’s race ends. When you listen carefully, you’ll notice that Ms. Harrington can not go too far off her talking points without getting lost. This is because her only actual experience in criminal law has been as a court-appointed attorney in misdemeanor court where she handled only a handful of cases over 10-year period. Criminal law has never been her area of expertise. 
The fact that Ms. Harrington doesn’t know that she is not qualified to be our next DA makes me seriously question her judgment. She must be planning to delegate. I have to wonder, then, who are we really voting for if she isn’t going to be the one handling the work?
Lastly, I have to question the judgment of Mayor Tyer in endorsing Ms. Harrington for the very same reasons. Why would the mayor of Pittsfield back such an unqualified and unexperienced candidate for such an important office like district attorney? The mayor doesn’t have to endorse any candidate and a more prudent practice is for the mayor to remain publicly neutral. So why would she make this endorsement? On the surface, it makes no sense at all. Is she looking for someone whom she can control? Is there some other hidden agenda?  
Judith Knight is running for DA and asking for your vote based only on her own merit. She has been an advocate for crime reform for years. And, she is the only candidate that is free and clear of any of backdoor deals between politicos, running their own agenda through their chosen candidate. That, in itself, is reason enough to vote for Judith Knight as your next District Attorney. 
You, the voters, have the opportunity to do something wonderful and profound for the future of Berkshire County by electing Judith Knight. Her good judgment will set our community on the right track for very long time.  
Use your good judgment! 
Do what’s right! 
Vote for Judy Knight!
Mary Talbot