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Join the ‘Plastic Free 413’ forum

In her letter Hinda Bodinger writes: “It’s just a matter of realizing what we can each do and then being committed to make some changes.

To the editor:

I recently started a Facebook page called Plastic Free 413, to create a forum (friendly and kind!) to share ideas about how we, individually and as a community, can reduce the amount of plastic we generate. Not suggesting eliminating all plastic (medical needs come to mind), but once you start noticing how pervasive our plastic use is, and how devastating it is to our environment (microplastics in your salmon?!), it seems like we have an opportunity, every day – at least to not make it worse. We can become known as a Green Community, not just for our dispensaries, but for the way we respect our environment.

Some of our grocery stores are making great progress with packaging, bulk bins, refillable options (shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.) Many restaurants are now providing cardboard containers for leftovers, some even let you bring your own containers for take-out. Once you realize how easy it is to keep a set of containers in your car, you may want to do so as well. Sometimes it’s just a matter of realizing what we can each do and then being committed to make some changes. We can let our businesses know that packaging matters, and we can choose to patronize those who are responsive.

By now, most of us are fine with bringing our own grocery bags to shop. But, for example: what about bringing our own set of mesh bags, for produce and bulk bin goods, or keeping one set of silverware in your car, so that the next time you do take-out, you won’t need to use plastic utensils? There are so many small, easy ways to use less and it needn’t be expensive or difficult to make positive changes. It starts with awareness and the belief that each one of us can make it better or worse.

I am just hoping to encourage folks to be more conscious, to use less plastic and to share what works.

Hinda Bodinger



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