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Join The Edge: A letter from our publisher

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By Friday, Dec 22, 2017 News 3

Dear Edge readers,

May I ask you to do something for me?  Would you take a minute to think about why you read The Berkshire Edge?

And while you’re considering this, may I also take this opportunity to share with you the reasons why we bring you The Edge every day.  Here they are in brief: to bring you fresh ideas and new perspectives, and to create a forum where you and your neighbors and anyone else who cares about the Berkshires can come together to share and discuss and learn.  And have fun doing it.  Our motto (see our logo) has always been “News and ideas worth sharing,” and we mean that.

This is my third letter to you since we launched a membership campaign. These letters give us at The Edge a chance to communicate with you in a new way – to share our intentions with you, to solicit your feedback and, of course, to ask you to join our efforts to bring you a publication that informs and entertains you and that strengthens our shared community every day.  

My sincerest thanks to all of you who have already joined. Your support encourages us and will help us serve you better, and we are pleased to acknowledge you on our membership page. And for those of you who read us regularly but have not yet joined, if The Edge gives you at least as much enjoyment as two cups of coffee a month in a local restaurant, please join us.  For the same price ($5 per month), you can show your support for this lively and independent source of news, information and ideas.

You may notice that the benefits of membership reflect the same concern for our community that informs everything we do in The Edge.  

It is not our goal to cover everything that happens in the Berkshires, but it is our goal to cover what’s important to you.  As I wrote in my first letterwe started The Edge because many of you were seeking a meaningful publication that reflected the breadth and depth of our interesting and diverse community, and I explained the reasons for launching this membership campaign.  In my second letter, I reviewed the way The Edge has grown in true partnership with that community.

In this letter, I’d like to recall for you a few of the stories we’re proud of, as examples of how we hope The Edge serves you with “news and ideas worth sharing”:

Edge readers, we need to hear from you. Post comments on our stories to share your thoughts with other readers. Put your events on our Calendar. Send us stories and story ideas. And, if you have taken that minute to think about why you read The Edge and you want us to do more, please send money by joining us as a member.

We thank you in advance for joining us.

Sincerely yours,
Marcie L. Setlow, Publisher
The Berkshire Edge

P.S. Your membership dollars will help us bring you more “News and ideas worth sharing.”

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  1. peter greer says:

    Hi Marcie
    You and team have created an amazing local gem in the edge and we are delighted to support the effort!

  2. Marcie Setlow says:

    Peter and Mike, Thank you. Your enthusiasm for The Edge makes me happy. I’m so glad you think we’re on the right track.

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