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How bad it’s got

By Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 Viewpoints 1

I had a strange experience today: Quite honestly, I’m still trying to process what happened.

I was in Hillsdale with the unusual mission of canvassing strangers, trying to locate somebody who would be willing to talk about partisan hard feelings and the diminishing possibility of a middle way. I was, quite frankly, looking to see if I could find a Republican who was willing to talk.

At the Taconic Garden Center, I held the door open for an older woman using a cane.  She thanked me. I mentioned I’d like to talk if she had a minute, and she said, “OK …”

I introduced myself and explained my mission.

She replied, “Oh dear, I should warn you, I’m chairman of the Hillsdale Republican Committee.”

I thought, “Bingo.”

Then she told me that none of her friends would want to talk to me, that they liked Congressman John Faso even more than they liked Trump and that I was wasting my time. I thanked her for her time and bid her good day pleasantly. Respectfully.

Here’s the twist: 15 minutes later, the very same lady with the cane came into Herrington’s, where I was standing talking to Ozzie at the front desk. She shouted to Ozzie as she came in the front door, “DON’T TALK TO THAT GUY; HE JUST ACCOSTED ME IN THE PARKING LOT.”

Suddenly, I had accosted her.

It’s taken me the rest of today to fully realize: how bad it’s got. I was sandbagged by a little old lady because I’m a Democrat and she’s a Republican.

Way to go, Newt. Way to go, Mitch. Way to go, Trump.

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