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Hotel at Searles School will benefit Great Barrington 

By Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015 Letters 9

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the proposal to sell the Searles School and convert it into a hotel. As a 40-year resident of Great Barrington, I think about development and change long and hard, and this is an opportunity to improve the town for the following reasons:

  1. The location is below the grade of Main Street and will not interfere with sight lines.
  2. The estimated tax revenue, even if heavily discounted, substantially exceeds revenue generated from houses or apartments on that site.
  3. We know what Jane [Iredale] stands for and she has a substantial vested interest in protecting her own property and will watch the changes to insure she and the town are not adversely affected. That she is a great corporate citizen to the town, and one of the larger employers, is also worthy of consideration.

For all these reasons, we should approve the sale and move the town forward.

Dick Solar

Great Barrington