Heebie GB’s Annual Town Meeting quiz

Take this quiz and then come to the Great Barrington Town Meeting to find out how your psychic abilities stack up.

Great Barrington — The Great Barrington Annual Town Meeting is right around the corner and I, of course, know what will happen that evening. No doubt, I could give you all the answers you’re looking for right now. But wouldn’t it be more fun to test your own powers of prediction? Take this quiz and then come to the meeting to find out how your psychic abilities stack up.

Remember: The meeting is Monday, May 9th, at 6 p.m. at Monument Mountain Regional High School.

The quiz

Before the meeting starts, somebody will sit in a broken seat in the auditorium.

Y (Yes)/N (No)

That person will think about what a shame it was that the high school renovation plan didn’t pass. Y/N

That same person will remember that the final renovation plan was so severely reduced to appease taxpayers that it didn’t include replacing broken auditorium seats. Y/N

The proposed salary for Selectboard members will pass. Y/N

The proposal to install a helipad at Fairview Hospital in order to save precious time in critical medical situations will be approved. Y/N

Before the helipad is approved, someone will express concern about the noise that will be generated by helicopters at Fairview. Y/N

You start to feel tense as discussion of the school budget begins. Y/N

Someone will argue that anyone who truly cares about our schools should vote against the budget. Y/N

Others will speak in agreement about the need to vote against the budget. Y/N

Someone will talk about how when he was in school, he had to share a wobbly desk and a single broken pencil with four other boys but they all went on to earn Ph.D’s so why do kids today need so much stuff. Y/N

You will start to feel a migraine coming on. Y/N 

A cherished member of the community will give a passionate speech in defense of the schools. Y/N

Your faith in your neighbors and humanity as a whole will be restored. Y/N

The school budget will pass. Y/N

Your migraine symptoms will subside. Y/N


Proposed town purchase that generates the most controversy (pick one):

Voting machines

Police cruiser

License plate reader

Fire truck

Dump truck


The following will be said at some point (check all that apply):

“Taxes in Great Barrington are out of control!”

“We need to send a message!”

“Enough is enough!”

“It’s like squeezing blood from a stone!”

“A no vote is a symbolic vote!”

“The population is in decline!”

“It’s standing room only in here! Wow, how great to see everybody so engaged in town government!”