HEALTH & WELLNESS: Discussion of menopause, a rite of passage

Women can easily fall prey to marketing that pathologizes natural hormonal shifts. 

Great Barrington — In a culture that glorifies youth, women often fear that menopause spells the end. But this myth silences and disempowers women. Without a broad understanding of the potential for this change, women can easily fall prey to marketing that pathologizes natural hormonal shifts. Without support and education, they fail to recognize the value of their own wisdom and experience.

Join Mary Campbell, intimacy coach and spiritual counselor, and Katherine Miller, wholistic health coach and menopause expert at Sruti Yoga Center, 33 Railroad St. this Thursday evening, July 6th at 6:30 p.m. to learn the truth about both the challenges and powerful transformations that are possible throughout the menopausal transition.

As estrogen decreases women can expect physical and emotional shifts that disrupt their sense of self. But at the same time a forthright voice can emerge as their courage builds to more fully bring their talents and perspective to a world in need of their experience and perspective.

Points of discussion will include the importance of women speaking about this time in their lives and dispelling the cultural myths that contribute to their shame and loss of agency.  Practical suggestions will be offered to help women shift their attitudes and habits to more fully maximize this important time of their lives.

Women will learn ways to align with their cycles (they never really end!) and see how they connect to and mirror the natural world. They will be offered research on how passion, sensuality, and play mitigate physical shifts and help women access deeper levels of pleasure and self-knowledge.

Given factual information and helpful guidance, menopause can be the most powerful and pleasurable time of a woman’s life. More information may be obtained at or by calling 413-329-7477.