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Healey’s support of Harrington diminishes office of AG

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By Saturday, Oct 13, 2018 Letters 11

To the editor:

Few are those who come to public service with selfless motivation. These are the rare breed for whom the power that comes with responsibility is not intoxicating but sobering. Career public servants put the community’s well-being before their personal ambitions and spend their time protecting others; they become experts in their fields, tireless in commitment and devoted for decades.

Andrea Harrington has no experience as a prosecutor, and only a few years as a part-time public defender who tried her first case as a lawyer in 2011. The Democratic nominee for district attorney is the least qualified person to ever run, yet she is the beneficiary of help and support from those I believe ignored that critical fact. And I keep having to ask the question: Why?

Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, D-Pittsfield, attempted to persuade Progressive Judith Knight to drop out of the race to advantage Harrington. Attorney General Maura Healey endorsed Harrington, stating she didn’t know Paul Caccaviello and had never worked with him. Healey diminished the stature of office of AG by making an endorsement without meeting the candidate with 30 years of prosecutorial experience in a DA’s race.

What does her gesture say to the dedicated men and women who work as prosecutors across the Commonwealth? How could Healey support an attorney qualified only for an entry-level prosecutor’s position for the highest law enforcement position in Berkshire County? Does Healey think so little of the folks of Berkshire County that she blindly recommends they vote for a politician who has already run for and lost a state Senate seat? Why does she support a candidate with no experience or record of accomplishments who routinely pads her resume, threatens non-supporters with political ruin and spreads falsehoods about her opponents?

Common among these events is a demonstrated lack of selfless motivation for public service. Healey failed to exercise due diligence before bestowing the benefit of her endorsement, making her endorsement hollow, meaningless and cynically political. In so doing, she ignored the selfless dedication to public service demonstrated by the 30-year career of DA Paul Caccaviello.

On Nov. 6, stand with me, noting that experience matters for our safety in Berkshire County, and please write in Paul Caccaviello for Berkshire district attorney.

Regina A. Hill

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  1. SP Houzz says:

    So well said regarding those endorsing Harrington: “Healey failed to exercise due diligence before bestowing the benefit of her endorsement, making her endorsement hollow, meaningless and cynically political.”

  2. Jim Balfanz says:

    So many reasons why Paul Caccaviello should continue as our District Attorney, and they have nothing to do with politics. He is simply the best person for the job of overseeing a very critical agency in Berkshire Country. We do not need another person who will need so much On The Job Training, that she will set the DA’s office back in so many important ways.
    Please write in Paul Caccaviello for District attorney.

  3. Richard Allen says:

    I think I’ll vote for a prosecutor, not a criminal defense attorney. Too bad I have to write in a name.

    1. Liza says:

      Correct spelling of Caccaviello is not important, just give it your best effort and fill in that circle. It’s a great opportunity to participate in a write in that has a very good chance of being successful. Caccaviello only lost by 643 votes and there are 8,000 Republicans and some 40K voters that are unenrolled and likely did not vote in the Dem primary. It’s not even about political parties, it’s about competence and fit for the position.

  4. Joseph Method says:

    For anyone who would like to go beyond the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) that these letters aim to spread, here is an ACLU guide to the race that lists the candidates’ positions on important issues like sentencing reform, bail reform, etc: https://dadifference.org/berkshire-county/ … except that Caccaviello didn’t bother to respond.

  5. Jon Piasecki says:

    His “experience” is exactly why he was beaten. We voted for change in the primary because our experience as voters with Capeless as District Attorney and the never ending candidate as his underling was bad. Heroin use has soared. Kids were prosecuted for petty marijuana drug crimes while opiates move in from Springfield and beyond. Let’s not forget the triple murder, the domestic violence and the gun violence. Capeless and the man who lost the Democratic primary had their operatives threaten business who dared criticize them. His “experience” has led to entrenchment. We need something new. Please vote for Andrea Harrington.

    1. Craig Okerstrom-Lang says:

      Right on Jon!
      Harrington is the change we need from the Capeless regime!
      New fresh-sharp-compelling leadership is the key moving forward.

      1. SP Houzz says:

        Harrington is barely a lawyer. A review of the Massachusetts Ethics Commission filings for 2017 shows she earned between 20k and 40k and we know she only ever in her career had 7 cases in district court, none in superior. It is clear she wants you, the taxpayer, to pay her salary.

  6. Brian Tobin says:

    Now that RA and JB have weighed in, we know that Caccaviello is a GOP tool. They had no problem voting for the inexperienced Trump for president, but now they have a problem with the young enthusiastic Democratic woman running for DA. Hypocrisy much?

  7. Carl Stewart says:

    SP Houzz apparently thinks that being a “real” lawyer means earning lots of money. Ms. Harrington is “barely”a lawyer, according to him, because she earned only “20-40K”in 2017. If the amount earned is the qualifier, then Mr. Caccaviello surely doesn’t meet the threshold; his entire salary for the past 30 years has come from taxpayer money. There is not a shred of evidence that during these 3 decades anyone would have hired him as an attorney

  8. SP Houzz says:

    Caccaviello was just endorsed by Judith Knight. Knight said Harrington is divisive, vindictive and not truthful while Caccaviello is open-minded, trust-worthy and has integrity. I hope voters see through her, she is an impostor. Being a real lawyer means having performed something in the field of law or civic engagement. What has she done,?

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