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From bogeys to tweets: A rogues’ gallery of Trump’s team

Trump's team defended its use of the Jewish star, claiming that the star was... a "sheriff's badge." The alt-right got the message, and anti-Semites chuckled.

Here’s a rare picture of Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway together with Rebekah Mercer (in sunglasses and fur), the right-wing executive director of the Mercer Family Foundation, who has been one of the biggest donors to them and Trump.

It was posted on Twitter on Jan. 22, 20017 by the guy on the left, Dan Scavino, Jr. (shown here with his wife Jennifer’s face peeking from behind).

Scavino, from Westchester County, started out at age sixteen as Trump’s former golf caddy, and went on to become general manager of the Trump National Golf Course and a Trump golfing companion.

Over the July 4th weekend, controversy arose when Trump posted on Twitter an image of Hillary Clinton with a text in the shape of a Star of David, calling her the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever.” The image was discovered to have originally appeared on an anti-Semitic, white supremacist message board.

Word leaked out that the image had been selected by Scavino, a conspiracy theorist and purveyor of fake news, including the story that thousands of New Jersey Muslims had been shown on TV, cheering the 9/11 attack and other hoaxes.

Trump’s team defended its use of the Jewish star, claiming that the star was… a “sheriff’s badge,” although Trump’s Twitter feed eventually deleted it and posted a new picture with a circle replacing the star. But the alt-right got the message, and anti-Semites chuckled.

Scavino also made news by trashing Megyn Kelly after she challenged Newt Gingrich on Fox for his sexist bluster about Trump. After Scavino sent a series of tweets calling her names and saying, “Watch what happens to her after the election is over,” Kelly said she received death threats, which she attributed to Scavino.

In December 2016 Trump appointed Scavino as White House special assistant and director of social media. Now he appears to have a big hand (bigger, at least, than Trump’s) in Presidential tweets.

Now, Scavino’s thumbs are reaching millions.


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