Frederick “Fritz” Wyatt Lord, 90

I have begun my journey of transition from incarnate life to the welcoming embrace of DivineMystery: unknown, but anticipated with joy.

15 June 1930 – 7 January 2021

The Last Hurrah

Frederick “Fritz” Wyatt Lord

These last years (since 2012) living on Vinalhaven — shared with my beloved wife Penelope and our much-loved dog Abigail — have provided the most fulfilling contentment in my whole life. But now it is time to move on. I have begun my journey of transition from incarnate life to the welcoming embrace of DivineMystery: unknown, but anticipated with joy. Here on Vinalhaven, I have been able to concentrate more on “Being” rather than on “Doing.” My education began in my small town’s public schools, followed by a BA from Dartmouth, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a JD, at age 47, from Boston College Law School.

My vocational Doing life — mostly in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts — has included attorney, ballet company general manager, encounter group facilitator, Ensign, USNR (Korean War), insurance and real estate broker, massage therapist, mediator/counselor, middle school teacher, non-profit financial administrator, and semiprofessional singer. Indeed, singing has been a prime non-vocational pleasure for me from age 8, in the boys’ choir, onward through church choirs, choruses both large and small, and community lyric theater productions. In the great outdoors, I have greatly enjoyed skiing, hiking, swimming, boating, and bicycling, along with reading, language, cooking, wining and dining with friends, and dancing. I am the founder and Abbot of “The Free Lance Disciples of DivineMystery.” My love of laughter connects me to the universal Cosmic Joke, of which I have been an avid adherent.

Frederick “Fritz” Wyatt Lord

Dear sisters & brothers, if we — and all the other animals — will survive our ruthless and violent destruction of Gaia and ourselves, we shall have to move from being the planet of materialistic knowledge and “tribal” delusions to being the planet of all encompassing love.

For many years now, I have been working with this quotation from William Blake: “We are placed on this earth for a little space of time to learn to bear The Beams of Love.”

I have treated this as a Tendai Buddhist koan. So presently, it shall become clear. Hurray!

I leave my beloved family: Penelope, my wife of over 31 years; my son David and his partner MoonSong; my daughter Rebecca and her wife Janita; my daughter Julia and her husband Lee, along with their twin sons, my grandsons Gabriel and Samuel; my sister Melissa; my nephew Erick; my niece Sarah; my two step-sons, Geoffrey and Alexis; my former wife Eleanor — the mother of our children; and William Delmolino, my best of all time friend.

I consider my sexuality as a special gift. Most would call it “bi.” I prefer to call it osmotic. This quality has been of prime importance in forging my connections interacting with incarnate life from a loving intent. Love is the eternal essence, which I am now going to rejoin wholly within DivineMystery.