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Former SBRSD superintendent endorses Sears, Silvers for School Committee

In a letter to the editor David Hastings writes: “Serving as the Superintendent, I found both Bonnie and Dennis to be very demanding and nearly always right, making sure that our children got only the best.”

To the editor:

I am writing today in support of Bonnie Silvers’ and Dennis Sears’ candidacy for re-election to the SBRSD School Committee. As you may know, I served in the district as a Math Teacher, as Curriculum Coordinator and as Superintendent, retiring in June 2017. I have known Bonnie and Dennis since my days as the Curriculum Coordinator in the district, serving with Bonnie on the Elementary Task Force. I interacted with both on a weekly basis while serving for four years as the district’s Superintendent of Schools. No one could ask for two more effective and dedicated committee members. Bonnie now serves as committee Chairperson.
I have read some commentary lately, indicating that School Committee members in their 70’s should be replaced by younger people with children in the district. Having observed our committee over the course of seven years, I cannot agree with this point of view. Both of these committee members bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication to the district’s children who have proved over and over to make a big difference in our schools. Sometimes committee members with children have a focus that somewhat narrow, concentrating on the grade or school of their children rather than on the needs of the entire district.
Serving as the Superintendent, I found both Bonnie and Dennis to be very demanding and nearly always right, making sure that our children got only the best. They are pragmatic and brutally honest in dealing with the school administration.
As someone who had taught Geometry in Mount Everett’s second floor, I had experienced what it was like for students to try to learn in a classroom with a room temperature of 93 degrees. I appreciated Bonnie’s successful push to provide air conditioning in those classrooms. Bonnie also rightly demanded that the Superintendent should welcome parents and community members to every theater or musical performance.  I was proud and happy to be a part of every wonderful performance.
Dennis has volunteered to represent the district in many countywide task forces and committees. His ability to take in, digest, analyze, and present information necessary for moving forward, in light of declining enrollment across the county, made a difference to our small district as well as the others in the county.
We have a very special school district, with outstanding Theater, Music, Athletic, Special Education, and Academic programs. Almost every student gets his or her time in the spotlight. We need School Committee members who can help to make these programs even better.
As someone who worked for Bonnie Silvers and Dennis Sears for four years, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the work that they do every week for our district’s children. Experience and dedication mean a lot in the School Committee business, and these two have both in spades. As an early voter, I have already cast my ballot for both of them, and encourage my neighbors to do the same.

David Hastings



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