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For the Students (and All) Who March Against Gun Violence

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By Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018 Viewpoints 2

We felt they were beautiful then, the toy guns.

We used to reserve each other’s wounds for
later. To delay firing, until we determined how
much  it  would  hurt,  until we  pretended  so
much it  really hurt. What was beautiful then?
The  weight  of restraint  heavier than barrels
and  trigger fingers  through skinny kid alleys.
We  never  shot  anyone who didn’t reserve it.
None   of  us   did. We   felt   first,  then   fired.

It  is  how we learned to feel another’s wound.


A  deadly  silence  has  been  living  too  long

in  the  corridors  of  power.  Now  we  are old
and weeping at the eloquence of teen students
speaking and marching against gun violence in
our   nation,  their  voices  full   of  our  country
when  it  held  and  now  holds  hope  again  in
them.  It  is  our  hope  and  vote  that  those
elected  listen  into the rapid fire that killed and
still kills  kids  and many  in  crowds,  churches,
synagogues and mosques, streets of our cities,
schools,  and  our  intimate  rooms,  and  pass
thriving  legislation  for  the  good  of all homes.

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  1. John H. Hart says:

    It is with great pride and hope that I continue to hear of young Americans taking action against gun laws in this country. I am optimistic–beyond optimistic–that they will not give up until our government realizes that assault weapons do not belong in the hands of anyone of any age. These weapons have no purpose but to kill multiple people quickly.

    My generation faced another challenge: the fruitless stupidity of our government’s insistent involvement in the Vietnam War, which took the lives of more than 58,900 young Americans. I keep asking myself: How many among those dead young folks might have become famous for their unique contributions to society? We’ll never know. It was our generation’s constant demonstration of disgust that contributed largely to our government’s waking up and withdrawing from that winless war.

    To these youth today, I plead with them to persevere. Protest in front of manufacturing factories that produce these horrible weapons and shame the workers who create them. Demonstrate in front of NRA branches and stores that sell these weapons nationwide. Write to your elected officials in all branches of government. Make them know that you are not going away. Start talking: please encourage your parents and peers who may make excuses for why these weapons exist to understand that killing machines have NO PLACE in a civilized society. And lastly, everyone age 18 and up must get out and vote in November! That alone will scare the crap outa Congress. Don’t give up.

    John Henry Hart
    Stockbridge, Mass.
    Amanda Rae
    Writer/Editor in Aspen

  2. Jodi Sherman says:

    Massachusetts Congressional District 1 Town Hall For Our Lives meeting will be held on Saturday, April 7 from 7-9pm at the Berkshire Community College Robert Boland Theater. Come here your elected officials speak on this important issue.

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