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Heather Bellow
Ariane Blanchard and her physician say moisture and mold at her home in Flag Rock Village in Housatonic has destroyed her autoimmune system, making her too sick to work full time and sinking her into deep poverty. She is suing the Great Barrington Housing Authority and needs a settlement to move out.

Flag Rock resident sues Housing Authority over mold claims

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By Friday, Dec 16, 2016 News 22

Housatonic — I’m sitting at Ariane Blanchard’s kitchen table with her lawyer when she brings me a Ziploc bag containing a solid chunk of what she says is mold-filled debris.

“That’s what came out of the bathroom fan,” she tells me, noting that the exhaust fan was installed by the Great Barrington Housing Authority (GBHA) six months ago and operates only when it registers humidity. “It’s going to be sent for analysis.”

But Blanchard, who used to sit on the GBHA herself, says what came out of the fan is the least of it at three out of 18 family homes in Flag Rock Village, low-income Section 8 housing that Blanchard says was “built on a swamp” in 1995 with nothing between the linoleum floors and the dirt but a cement slab.

There are 18 family homes and 32 senior housing units at Flag Rock Village on Bernard Gibbons Drive in Housatonic. Photo: Heather Bellow

There are 18 family homes and 32 senior housing units at Flag Rock Village on Bernard Gibbons Drive in Housatonic. Photo: Heather Bellow

She shows me where part of a tile broke off and, indeed, there is the cement.

The floors actually sweat from the moisture and, on frigid days like today, it feels like a “block of ice radiating right through the soles of my shoes.”

Blanchard and her neighbor say the resulting systemic mold created a toxic building syndrome that has made them sick. And remedies ordered by the Board of Health can’t be used because, her physician says, they will increase airborne mold.

Blanchard takes me around the house, showing me where, despite intense cleaning with bleach over the years, mold stains persist and the floors are stained from the bleach.

In Blanchard’s case, her health problems have grown chronic and serious enough to sink her into a deeper poverty than what began around 13 years ago when she had to find a place large enough to take in her grandmother after Blanchard’s mother died. She gets hives, severe swelling in her ankles, stiff joints, and she has to take regular medications and steroids for flare-ups. “I’ve never been sick until 2011,” she said.

Things haven’t always been so hard for this Bronx, New York, native, who’s lived in the Berkshires for 32 years. She used to be a full time executive in an advertising agency and later owned and ran a Section 8 housing home herself in Pittsfield. Now health problems keep her from working 40 hours a week, and instead she’s a receptionist at Fairview Commons Nursing Home eight to 10 hours per week.

Blanchard sued the GBHA, a state-funded agency that functions under the aegis of the state rather than the town and is funded by U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD). GBHA is overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

The suit alleges a violation of the state sanitary code, which her attorney, who did not want his name used in this story, said is in mediation, though that changed this week after a state official didn’t show up for the settlement meeting. “We are prepping for trial,” Blanchard later said, noting that the state is trying to “low ball me to set a precedent for future cases.”

Blanchard said this is mold-encrusted debris taken from the bathroom exhaust fan. It is going to a lab for analysis. Photo: Heather Bellow

Blanchard said this is mold-encrusted debris taken from the bathroom exhaust fan. It is going to a lab for analysis. Photo: Heather Bellow

She said the settlement is to help her get out of this house. And her problems don’t end there if you are in a boat like hers, since, right now, there is a more than four-year wait for Section 8 housing in Massachusetts with over 4,000 people on the waiting list, her lawyer told me.

He further said that, because the original source of funding for Flag Rock is federal, “HUD would be paying the settlement” for Blanchard. This, he added, would subject the housing to EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) standards. He said this was “key” to Blanchard’s case.

“This is sick building syndrome,” he added. “EPA regulations are applied to almost every other building, most notably schools that take federal money.”

Blanchard has lived here since 2005 and wrote her first letter to the GBHA about the mold problem then before she started to develop symptoms and an autoimmune disorder, what her physician, Eric Bush at East Mountain Medical, has stated in correspondence as being caused by “mold toxicity.”

In those earlier years, the moisture was so bad that, when she went away for a weekend, she came home to a “green kitchen” and furniture that was so coated in mold that she had to throw most of it out.

“For 12 years this has been going on,” she said. “I’m tired.” She starts to cry.

While Blanchard may have already been susceptible, having a “lupus-like” condition during one of her pregnancies, the mold, along with the constant use of bleach by the GBHA, has “destroyed her autoimmune system.”

Both her children, now in their 20s, are “allergic” to the home and can’t come back and stay in it per doctor’s orders, her attorney said.

At the front door threshold, the broken linoleum reveals the cement slab directly beneath it. As a result, the floors, Blanchard says, sweat and contribute to systemic moisture and the mold problem. Photo: Heather Bellow

At the front door threshold, the broken linoleum reveals the cement slab directly beneath it. As a result, the floors, Blanchard says, sweat and contribute to systemic moisture and the mold problem. Photo: Heather Bellow

She continued to tussle with the GBHA over these last 12 years, and her requests were “only met with Band aids,” she said. She shows me where outgoing Great Barrington Health Agent Jayne Smith ordered a section of wall cut out near the floor all the way around the boiler room in an attempt to get rid of what air testing indicated was stachybotrys mold, the infamous “black mold” known for wreaking havoc on human health.

Smith, Blanchard says, “really believed in doing her job.”

But Blanchard said Smith also noted that the inside of the walls needed to be investigated, but GBHA “refused” to do it. Also, GBHA never bothered patching that section back up, leaving it open for vermin to wander in. She says she occasionally finds snakes and toads inside her home.

Smith also directed the installation of industrial dehumidifiers, but that shot everyone’s electricity bills up to $45 extra per month, Blanchard said, that the housing authority would not cover but for $6, starting an endless cycle of shut-off notices and harassment from National Grid.

Flag Rock tenants pay rent of 27 percent of their income.

Blanchard’s attorney said Dr. Bush told her not to install the dehumidifier because it will “recirculate the air” and anything in it.

Her attorney further said the GBHA can’t afford to install systems with expensive micro-air cleaning HEPA [high efficiency particulate arrestance] filters “where these tenants have to pay the electricity.”

But Blanchard’s refusal to allow the dehumidifier installation has undermined her case a bit, since Smith’s order says the Board of Health won’t hold the GBHA responsible for moisture problems until this happens.

Blanchard’s attorney said mold was growing again at the house next door just two months after the dehumidifier was installed, and that former tenant Sarai Liebenow said that indeed was the case. “It helped in the area around it,” she said. “But even after that, there was still mold and moisture.”

The furnace room, where, according to a report, stachybotrus mold known as “black mold” was cut away along the floor line. It was never patched up, leaving vermin to enter freely, Blanchard says. Photo: Heather Bellow

The furnace room, where, according to a report, stachybotrus mold known as “black mold” was cut away along the floor line. It was never patched up, leaving vermin to enter freely, Blanchard says. Photo: Heather Bellow

She said an industrial hygienist came and inspected it and found it needed to be adjusted, but that was of minimal help. Liebenow was evicted for withholding rent—on her lawyer’s advice–until the moisture issues were fixed by GBHA.

However, Smith’s letter to the GBHA says the spores were reduced in both homes after the 2015 dehumidifier installation and said the order had been “satisfied.”

Liebenow’s asthma worsened when she lived there for a few years with a toddler and infant who was born when they were tenants. Both children had developed asthma and were on nebulizers “constantly.” Their pediatrician documented that “the environment is making them worse,” she said.

“I tried to keep them out of house as much as possible—they were better when they weren’t there,” she added.

Liebenow said the trouble started when she first moved in. “I remember waking up one morning and there was a layer of water on the floor and [the toddler] slid and fell.”

She said the GBHA is “supposed to disclose the mold and moisture issue” to any new tenants of her former house, and she worries about new children being exposed.

At Blanchard’s house, the moisture rises to the second floor. It’s so bad she had taken to blow-drying her sheets before bed until her physician stopped her, saying that would recirculate mold into the air.

While Smith declined comment for this article, her official notices of housing code violations shows she was all over these three homes. She had seen the “mold and mildew-like substance,” and told the GBHA it had to fix gutters, repair damaged vinyl siding, and do some grading and landscaping, among other things that varied somewhat among the three units. But they did get done with Smith’s prompting, Blanchard said, though some of the work was done “incompetently.”

The GBHA also has 32 elderly units each at Flag Rock and Brookside Manor, and 22 units at Dewey Court.

Mold grows on the radiators at Sarai Liebenow’s former house in Flag Rock Village. Liebenow, who was evicted for withholding rent until the moisture issues were resolved, lived here with an infant and toddler who developed asthma at the home and were constantly sick. Photo: Marlene Colossi

Mold grows on the radiators at Sarai Liebenow’s former house in Flag Rock Village in December 2015. Liebenow, who was evicted for withholding rent until the moisture issues were resolved, lived here with an infant and toddler who developed asthma at the home and were constantly sick. Photo: Marlene Koloski

GBHA Executive Director Barbara Heaphy told the Edge she can’t comment because of Blanchard’s litigation. And a GBHA board member, who did not want to be identified, expressed frustration over this muzzling, and issued the only statement she said she could.

The documentation on public record shows that remediation is complex,” the board member said. “The GBHA worked with the Board of Health and under the direction of state certified engineers and multiple testing and inspections throughout the process.” 

She further noted that the GBHA “complies with municipal codes and regulations.” She also said the GBHA has a “comprehensive protocol for preparing an apartment for new occupancy and that they absolutely want to insure that apartments are not only clean and in good order but absolutely safe when rented.”

But the GBHA may have found itself with a lemon in its lap. Blanchard’s attorney said it was built at the edge of a wetland, at the base of a hill where “you can see where the water runs.” He said a heavy rain will bring the water almost right up to the house. “That’s why no basements were put in,” he added.

“Jayne [Smith] made them regrade,” Blanchard said, “but they didn’t hire a professional, just a snow plower, and they screwed it up.”

Maranba Builders Inc. out of Hartford, Connecticut, built Flag Rock. According to the Secretary of State, the company dissolved in 2012 after about 30 years in business. The architect on the project was Dietz & Co. out of Springfield.

Both Blanchard and her attorney say Blanchard is speaking for others in the community of 53, including children, and that the adults are afraid to speak out on any number of issues for fear of “punishment” or a loss of housing.

But, according to that GBHA board member, we only know the half of it. “We won’t know the story from both sides until the litigation is final,” she said.

Blanchard, a smoker, scoffs at the possibility that the GBHA will force a no-smoking policy on tenants, though she understands that is going to come from the feds. But she points out an inconsistency.

“How about you make a no mold policy?”

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  1. Grace says:

    I am very grate to the Edge for finally disclosing this serious health issue. The Ma. Department of public health and the U.S. environmental Protection Agency(EPA) states in the case of mold growth BLEACH should not be used, as it may rupture the mold spore wall and make the matter worse
    .Someone needs to explain me, where are our state representatives who are suppose to safeguarding and solving problems for our citizens. I don’t want to go to board of health meeting and hear about our children being made sick.

  2. Michelle Loubert says:

    The story by the Edge is very good but Flag Rock residents, why not get this on camera with a news station? A news van and reporters at Flag Rock would not hurt your cause. About the no smoking–two wrongs don’t make a right (hey, until you do something about the mold, I’ll make myself even more sick by smoking)–that doesn’t make sense. If this is about health, then be a true advocate and stop smoking!!!

    1. marlene koloski says:

      my daughter has never smoked her apt she had made all her children sick including her she moved as soon as she could get out so it is about health as far as a cause it is for dchd to take blinders off and fix these issues as these are family units which means kids will always be in these apts

    2. Lois Reynolds says:

      I also agree about the smoking…..someone so sick should not be smoking with the types of problems she has…..can only worsen everything…I feel terrible about the situation there though!! Should be given a Section 8 voucher immediately with the types of problems this community has…….

  3. Sandra " Lawrence" Rickards says:

    On June 27th 2016 our families world changed, and can never be restored. Due to the neglect over the course of 10+ years, the sidewalks and curbs are crumbling, and cracked. The seams of the sidewalks contain holes, and broken concrete. We took our Dad out of a very troubling living situation, and brought him to Flag Rock Village. We felt he would be safe and comfortable there. Well, after my Dad got settled in his apartment, I came up from Florida. When I arrived at Flag Rock Village, instantly I noticed the disrepair of the sidewalks and curbs. This distressed me, due to the fact that, surly there are residence with limited range of motion, using canes, walkers and such on those sidewalks. In my opinion, what I saw wasn’t good, so I went to the office, introduced myself & met the secretary, asked for the Director, and proceeded to express my concerns. I am sensitive to conditions like the ones described, due to the fact that, my son is blind, and mobility challenged. My concern was not only for my Dad, but for everyone that lives there. Well, I got no answers as to when the sidewalks would be fixed. So time passes…… Now it’s June 27, 2016, a day that will forever be ingrained in my mind. For it was this day, I got a call from my cousin, to come home quick. Due to the neglectful actions, in reference to the sidewalks, my father fell backwards and smashed his head on the concrete, which caused a massive head bleed. He was taken to BMC, and he never regained consciousness. Family and Friends gathered at My Dad’s bedside…..Our Dad Died on June 30, 2016 🙁 I desperately miss My Dad. In closing, digging up information….I have found out, there are other people that have taken falls as well, as they use their shopping carts. This truly saddens me. My Heart will be Forever Broken over My Dad’s Death; and I still carry concern for others, and their safety as well. It is my opinion, and this comes from experience, that there is No Accountability, or True Concern for the residence and their needs. The Director should have a closer bond with the residence, and see what are the Obvious Dangers, and fix them. Being the Executive Director, that person needs to be connected with the residence, caring, and a true advocate. That goes for the Board as well. Those mentioned should not be allowed to “Just Warm their Seats” occasionally, and walk away.

  4. Sarai says:

    I’m so glad, my family and I were able to get out of here. My kids were constantly sick. My family has been blessed to purchase a home. I feel deeply for the current residents that still live there and new ones who end up moving into that!!! The mold and moisture problem at Flag Rock is absolutely disgusting. How that place is run is a disgrace especially by the Executive Director.

  5. Ariane Blanchard says:

    Many thanks to Heather & The Edge for getting this story out there again. To clarify,
    the only remediation that can’t take place while I” in the unit is the installation of the I dustrial Dehumidifier – this spreads the mold spores in the air, that would worsen my condition. All other actions ordered by the GB Health Dept. have been carried out, most by individuals who know nothing about this type of mold. Tenants have been told by management for years to use bleach & a little elbow grease! Or their turtle tank might be the source of the problem!

    The one order the GB Health Dept made that was Not executed by the GBHA was to have an industrial engineer perform tests on the 3 units that issued complaints. This is the most crucial (and probably the most problematic for GBHA) corrective order made. Jane was prevented from enforcing this one particular order – us tenants are trying to figure out what the “road block” is.
    Liw income people don’t matter – build moldy, damp housing on a swamp, or downgrade to a toxic site!

    I’d been told how nice it was to live in Great Barrington! I sold my 2 family home on Appleton Ave & closed my boutique on North St to move closer to Berkshire School in Sheffield, where my son was a student.
    We rented a beautiful home up on Cottage St, until my mom passed away and we needed a 4th bedroom immediately to accommodate my 90 yr old grandmother at the time. This has been & will remain my 1st & only experience with Public Housing!

    While Berkshire School has been the most wonderful experience for both my kids, it is a fact that moving to Flag Rock Village has been the worst, most disastrous event my family has experienced in the Berkshires.

    This is a cautionary tale – this too could happen to you! Your health, family, finances, entire sense of well being can be destroyed by the pervasive attitude that certain people don’t matter enough to provide solid housing or effective property management. Keep the expenses low & the units filled! That was a great part of my experience during my 7+ years on the Board of the Great Barrington Housing Authority.

    Other than 2 difficult pregnancies over 23 yrs ago, I’ve never had any health issues (except high cholesterol which runs in my family). I’ve worked full-time all my life, raised my children, sat on Boards, served my community, even received an award from Governor Deval Patrick. All that came to a screeching vault when my body began breaking out in hives and autoimmune system began attacking healthy cells.

    During the gallons of blood taken & numerous tests conducted, I had an MRI & CAT scan done on my lungs. Much to my amazement they don’t have a scar or blemish on either lung as of Aug. 2015.
    We are not all succeptible to the same health issues! If my health were permanently compromised by smoking I would not be suing GBHA.

    However, this states health code (while it is lacking in addressing mold directly, unlike most other states), it is clear that all housing is to be watertight! My unit & others have been found to have “excessive” moisture. Until an industrial engineer drills pencil size holes & examines inside the walls & under the linoleum GBHA will continue to place families in these units without concern.

    I had to obey the Health & Building codes when I was a landlord for 10 yrs. I guess there’s a double standard if you’re a public entity; and you can even make others sworn to uphold the law ignore the law to the point if ruining children’s & adults lives permanently!

    Here’s the kicker; 4 years of letters to GBHA from more than 1 physician stating I must be moved from this unit immediately, all of them ignored! When I was deemed disabled in 2014 & requested a handicap unit I was ignored by management. Not until the GB Health Dept cited them for code violations did any serious action begin. Now they want to move me into a 1 bedroom unit.
    What’s wrong with that scenario??

    I cannot ever rent again once I leave this unit. The problem has left my system so vulnerable that I must be in total control of my environment – no more Executive Directors who are more concerned with pushing papers than the quality of their units or well being of their tenants! No trusting any landlord to maintain their property in such a manner as my condition now requires.

    As of 12/8 I have been placed on a 4th medication to manage to reoccurring hives & chronic pain! Prior to this experience I took a multi-vitamin daily – that’s all!
    There are many other cases of tenants at Flag Rock becoming ill, and worse due to apathetic management by all parties responsible. Heinous is what this situation is; and now I feel like I” being held hostage!

    All I want at this moment is a clean, dry home to have my friends & family visit again! A home where I can once again celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Burthdays! No one should have to pay 12 years rent & excessive utility costs for the privilege of having your home make you permanently disabled!

  6. Carl Stewart says:

    How strange that Ms. Blanchard’s attorney does not want to reveal who he is! If there is indeed a lawsuit pending, the lawyer’s name is a matter of public record. Why doesn’t he send one of the many anonymous letters to the Edge so that the mystery of his remaining incognito can be solved?

    1. marlene koloski says:

      thats all you got out of article wow

    2. Sandra " Lawrence" Rickards says:

      Pardon me for saying so Sir, Many Serious issues exist out at Flag Rock Village, issues that effect Health & Life…And you are concerned about A Lawyers name ???
      There is something Totally Lopsided, Disconnected & Concerning in reference to your Train of Thought.

  7. marlene koloski says:

    a board member said this is one sided as they cant comment i dont understand how this board member thinks ye sits one sided that familys are getting from mold issues and that gbha knew this years ago i approched a board member a few years ago and started to mention about the mold issues there reaction was o no please we are on the board you cant discuss that with us really what a reply i thought this is not just the directors fault now this goes back to 1995 if there really was a vapor barrier this would have never happend .i think the board should relize its purpose is not just checking grammer and the ck book balance this is a real issue thats needs to be adressed no matter the cost of money the cost to kids here is so much more

  8. Dana Delgrande says:

    This should of never gone on for this long I was on the board of directors with Arianne when she brought this to the board , the board went to her house and saw the mold and at the time our director decide to buy a hummifer and never contact anyone or agencies to see what and were and how to fix this mold problem and I blame her for not taking the proper action and for that we have had children suffering from asthma and all kinds of sickness , Arriane with all her medical issues and thus has been going on for years

    1. Ariane Blanchard says:

      Thank you for speaking out Dana – you know this situation 1st hand as your family has suffered an even greater loss with Bud’s fall here, and subsequent passing.

  9. Sandra " Lawrence" Rickards says:

    When I submitted my comment about the Fatal Fall My Dad took at Flag Rock Village, I omitted something very important. It is my opinion, the Maintenance Person, upon seeing serious safely issues, or anything that might “Raise An Eyebrow” should also advocate for the Residence of Flag Rock, and go to the Director with his concerns. “He is…After All…The Maintenance Person…..Which in My Opinion, means he should do his level best to “Maintain the Premises in Every-way, Shape & Form. He, and The Director of Flag Rock Village, should be the “Eye’s and Ears” for the residents, in order to keep the residence safe and comfortable. In addition, Winter has come to the Berkshires, that means slippery stairs, sidewalks, etc…..Not only should the stairs have “Non-Skid Pads on them, to help in wet” messy weather, but I feel “Sand & Salt should be readily available to prevent the residence from slipping, falling …getting hurt, or worse, breaking a bone, or God Forbid….having something life threatening happen to them. I need not forget the obvious, Snow piles up on the walkways directly outside the apartment, as well as the board-walks. This is a true danger as well. PREVENTION TAKES AWARENESS, THOUGHTFULNESS, AND ACTION, which should come from the “ONES IN CHARGE.” I pray, there will be changes made in the future, which will enhance the lives of the Flag Rock Residence. It is My Prayer, That Not One More Precious Family Member Die before their time, due to Neglect at Flag Rock Village.

  10. Sheldon Hoxie says:

    I agree with Carl. It is indeed strange that the attorney of record does not want to identify himself. But that doesn’t mean “thats all [we] got out of article.”

  11. Michelle Loubert says:

    I just want to clarify my comment regarding smoking…my point was with the horrible conditions at Flag Rock and resulting health issues, by smoking, the issue is being compounded. The Selectboard meets tomorrow night (12-19). How about a group of Flag Rock residents showing up and speaking at citizen speak. After all, these are our town leaders–and this means Housatonic too!

    1. Sarai says:


      I have a commitment for tomorrow night. However I would be interested in attending the town meeting. After tomorrow when would the next one be?
      Any info would be appreciated.
      Thank you

    2. marlene koloski says:

      the town selectmen have nothing to do with great barrington housing it be a great idea if the did thou ty

    3. Ariane Blanchard says:

      The GB Health Dept has been involved for months with Flag Rock’s failure to meet Mass Health Codds; and the previous front page newspaper articles have surely been read by selectmen. It’s safe to say they are quite aware of what’s happening here. I do hope citizens stay abreast of the proposed Log Cabin site housing to prevent future generations of low income families from paying to be sickened.

      As the article explained, Flag Rock is funded by State funds, HUD funds & tenants rents.
      (Little known fact: Flag Rock is one of the few subsidized housing developments that has historically operated in the Black – due to the fact that the majority of tenants here have been working tenants paying their rent). The Construction Advisor who also came and saw the mold in my unit and the flooded yard was from DHCD (the State). His expertise led him to have small rocks placed up against my unit. As a gardener, my experience is rocks retain moisture.

      I imagine the selectmen could express their concerns about a segment of their citizens to State officials. Maybe they have already.
      But the responsibility for these conditions is not theirs. We hope they are concerned and see the cautionary value of this situation with regard to future low income housing development.

  12. Grace says:

    When in doubt tell the truth. I love this quote but it certainly hasn’t worked for the residence of Flag rock. How many times can health issues in apartments be reported and ignored?? Smoking is a personal choice and has nothing to do with this problem. I guess at this point why is it even being brought up?? Are Smitty and our new rep Senator Hines aware of this problem with the black mold, they are our state rep’s and if they are aware have they come up with a solution??
    I’m curious whether or not a vapor barrier was installed when these buildings were build ?? Where are the building plans??

  13. Allie Blanchard says:

    The housing authority and those on the board need to step up and take responsibility for their indifference towards the well being of their residents. I lived in Flag Rock village throughout middle school and high school, and felt my health decline steadily over that time. I started using my inhaler again for the first time since I was a young child. I fell ill far too easily multiple times every season. The fall/spring I started college in New York City was the first time in nearly a decade I had a clean bill of health for more than a month, and that went out the window when I came back for the following summer. I spent 3 months wheezing and vomiting, I was barely 100 lbs and spent weeks on steroids and antibiotics at the end of the summer. After that nightmare I was forced to seek alternative living arrangements for every long holiday and summer break, staying on and off with friends and family because my mother’s home makes my eyes itch and my chest burn and my stomach turn. Does the housing authority care about how hurtful it is to not be able to spend more than a weekend at my mother’s? Do they care about the innumerable medical expenses and traumas they’ve forced upon all of our families? You’d think that a series of horrific events and waterfalls of bad publicity would get them to shape up and try to repair some of the lives that have been affected- but no. They’ll just keep moving families in and letting babies live with asthma as long as they get their paychecks. I can’t tell what’s made me sicker- the moldy home or the people who just don’t care.

    1. marlene koloski says:

      they dont really care this has been the bad secret since this place has been built and there paychecks are definently first priorty if they truly wanted to rectify this situation they wouldnt of block what board of health ordered and then had to back a housing board member who couldnt or wouldnt say there name said they have protocal for the cleaning and safty of these family units well i seen first hand how dirty my daughters was rug upstairs smelled like cat urine i informed director about the smell reply i got does sarai have a cat really com on well i asked if previous tenets had animals i was told no well they sure did cats and large dogs goes to show how much they pay attention and not once has the board ever in my 6yrs went and inspected a family until to see if there prtocal was followed rugs thru out upstairs were stained i myself shampooed them 4 times to be exact

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