Eric Shimelonis for West Stockbridge Selectman

To the editor:

I’ve gotten to know Eric Shimelonis over the past couple of years, and have worked directly with him in our mutual involvement with the West Stockbridge Historical Society. He also has been a volunteer with town’s Vision Committee, and with the Fire Department.

Eric clearly has love, pride, and a vision for West Stockbridge. He also has the experience, collaborative spirit, and follow-through to bring a new level of innovation and vitality to our Board of Selectmen.

I saw Eric speak at a recent campaign event, and it is clear that he will govern through consensus and inclusion, giving everyone more of a voice in their local government. He comes at the job with an entrepreneurial spirit, and strikes an ideal balance in his plans to preserve the quaint, small-town magic that defines West Stockbridge, while also leaving room for careful and intentional development.

It is important to encourage people with young families to become involved in the community. It is one way to make sure we hear their voices and their needs.

Please join me in voting for Eric Shimelonis for the West Stockbridge Board of Selectmen. Our town needs this infusion of new ideas.

Carol Kuller

West Stockbridge