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Enjoy the holidays and be green

In a letter to the editor, Joan Angelo writes, "According to the EPA, household waste increases 25 percent from Thanksgiving to New Year’s."

To the editor:

The Lee Greener Gateway Committee wishes everyone a joyful holiday season. As you’re busy making the holidays special, we hope you will take advantage of several ways to also make them green. Doing so will make the season more special and it will also help the planet.

According to the EPA, household waste increases 25 percent from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Among the causes are holiday cards and gift wrap that aren’t recyclable, and also trees, wreaths and greens that are disposed of as trash.

What can you do? Plenty. There are places you can find simple green ideas for cards, gift wrap, presents, and even trees and wreaths. Get started by looking at the simple brochure and slide show posted on the town’s website and available at the Lee Town Hall and the Lee Public Library. A quick online search — such as “how to have a green holiday” or “gift wrapping alternatives” — will lead you to more ideas. Many green options are easy and can save money.

After the holidays, you can take trees, evergreens and wreaths (no tinsel, wire or sprayed items), to the Monte Vista Farm (Carrington) at 190 East St. in Lee (treats for goats). You can also contact the Lee Lions Club, which is working with Lee Boy Scout Troop 3 to pick up trees on Jan. 11, 2020, for a $5 donation. The money will go to the scouts and the greens to the goats. To schedule a pick-up, please contact Thom Swift at (413) 243-6737, or P.O. Box 19, Lee, MA 01238. Either option is easy and thoughtful.

This is the season of giving and thinking of others. Yes, it is hectic, but acting green shows your concern for our community’s natural resources and quality of life. Season’s greetings!

Joan Angelo

The writer is a member of the Lee Greener Gateway Committee.


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